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Dry eyes and celluvisc 1% drops (carmellose)

Hi everyone,

Went to collect my prescription today and my surgery can't get these for some reason. The bright doctor says use twice the amount of the weaker one (0.5%). I ask you! Anyone know of another preservative free drop I can use instead of a similar type. I alsouse hyloforte and lacrilube at night.



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Hi, I use HILO Forte which is excellent for dry eyes ( suggested by the Eye hospital) but they are expensive, about 17 pounds a bottle which lasts for 6 months.

Keep well



😆 oh boy: some mother's do have ' my humble opinion this is not on 😤

So, celluvisc drops are eye lubricants somewhat similar to hylo tears & hylo forte, but different. Am a bit surprised you're prescribed so many tear supplementations/lubricants in one treatment plan. But I guess this is because your ophthalmologist thinks your cornea & meniscus need more umph but aren't badly enough affected to warrant moving on to immunosuppressant drops...punctal plugs etc (eg, my Sjogren's (SS) is early onset & went untreated for well over 15 years. At 62 now, after a few years on a SS dry eye combined therapy treatment plan of tear s/lubs + MGD EyeBags I've just been prescribed Ciclosporin drops by my NHS ophthalmologist due to my cornea inflammation having you've posted just when I've been learning more about SS dry eye management 😏)

Am v interested in what others say in reply

🍀🍀🍀🍀 coco


I had carmellose but found they just didnt hang around very long. Have to use Visctears liquid gel which works well, but Im blurry with it! Cant win!

I use lacrilube at night but am finding crusting in my eyes in the morning so thinking of ditching that.

Great post Steph. I shall be reading with great interest.

Take care


Ps is Hilo forte over the counter in the uk?


Yes but available on nhs


I have Optive eye drops for day use which were prescribed by an ophthalmologist. They are only 0.5% but are fantastic. Preservative free and I use 1-2 drops as required. Have Viscotears for night use. One 2mg vial per eye. I used to be on different drops, (but can't for the life of me remember the name!), and Lacrilube at night. What I use now work much better.


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