Fighting this Lung disease

Fighting this Lung disease

I have systemic Lupus along with interstitial lung disease im now on oxygen 24/7 and now on immuran i was taken off prednisone and had hemmoraged in my Lungs. I pray it gets better and then i can prayfully get off oxygen. Im also having my kidneys looked out the dr says im spilling protein in my urine im also a diabetic with hypertension

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  • I hope you get relief soon! (((Hugs)))

  • Get off ALL DAIRY, except goat's milk products. Get off Gluten- ie: WHEAT. Just greens, berries, veggies, chicken 4 oz serving, and beef 4oz servings, JUICE. Supplement with vitamin E, Beta Carotene, Vit D3, do LOTS OF BONE BROTH, chicken and beef.

    I am praying for you.

    My interstitial and shrinking lung is turning around rapidly. Do not give up.

    I am sorry you are going through this. A big hug from Brooklyn NY.


  • Hi Casimir, we are happy for you to share your personal experiences in this community, but we do not approve of anybody giving medical advice.

    Ginatay4t, I'm really sorry to hear that you are struggling with these symptoms at the moment and I hope that you are on the path to recovery soon. Please always discuss any supplements or extreme changes in diet with your consultant or a registered dietician before trying them so that they can advise you. It is important to remember that lupus is different in everybody and what helps one person could be potentially harmful for somebody else. The recommended diet for lupus is one that is healthy and balanced. We have a booklet about lupus and healthy eating which you can download and view at

  • So great to hear doctors now cinsider Nutrition as Medical Advice!

    Thanks for letting me know!

  • Hi Casimir, medical advice is the provision of an opinion regarding what a specific individual should or should not do to restore or preserve health, so nutrition would certainly be included in this.

  • Thank you im from bedstuy and further south i have come a long way thus far the medications are working im still on 02 but making progress i pray you recover as well and thanks again

  • Hoping that things start turning around for you and that you get off oxygen soon, Ginatay4t <3

  • Thank you Apex im doing much better but presently still on 02 nut there is hope and i am a warrior at times i feel " like giving up but giving up and giving in shows i will loose so im a fighter i will continue to fight i pray you are doing well yourself thanks again

  • I hope you get better soon. God bless X

  • Thank yall so much

  • Sending prayers and hugs <3

  • Thanks

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