So I was supposed to meet up with my maid of honor to talk about wedding stuff but we both have lupus

We both forgot to talk about the wedding stuff we continuously talked about our symptoms what we were going through and we were sharing all of the same problems we have the exact same symptoms everything and she's the only other one that I know that has lupus she had it diagnosed a while before me I mean years before me and she was complaining about her symptoms and I thought that I had something else parathyroid tumor which they went away for some reason they only flare up when I'm having a lupus flare-up so I thought I had parathyroid disease and we would sit there and talk for hours we were roommates we look together and we would sit there and talk for hours and he had the same symptoms and we never put it together that I had lupus and we're both very intelligent I know from my postings a lot of my grammar and spelling is off it's because I have to text talk because my hands hurt too much to type I'm sure a lot of you can understand that but anyways now we have to go over the wedding stuff we have to try not to talk about our problems and symptoms because the weddings coming up we only have 5 more weeks will six six more weeks till the wedding and we are like both scatterbrained right now we can't keep on the same trick we can't think we both have brain fog it is terrible to Lupe's trying to plan a wedding thank God I have my mom it is actually comical

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  • It's always good to have someone to talk to who REALLY understands what you're going through! Take the wedding stuff in your stride and don't stress, it's good you can see the funny side of things. 😊 Bronagh

  • It was funny because hours had passed we had both already made dinner and we don't live together now so then I called her and I said he forgot to do anything with the wedding we never did your measurements we never bought the dress we didn't do anything and it was funny but she did it on her own so she went ahead and measured herself and ordered it from her apartment but we were going to do it together it is really funny we both have like serious brain fog right now and it is very comical

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