Day three of headaches and toothaches, too much sun?

Hi In bed day 4, having travelled with my daughter to visit a university she is interested in, so on the road for 5 days, usual coverage - layers, UV 50, hat, gloves when driving, staying indoors when I could. it started with my teeth being sensitive, moved to toothache and then by the time I got home, full migraine on top of this. First time to have it so long, the migraine that is. Dentist just wanted to pull another tooth opted for the antibiotics instead and taking some paracetamol/codeine, ibuprofen, not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my time off from work my holiday...:-\ I did go for a walk with my daughter, it was sunny, hot too, i was fully covered, wonder if this was payback? Along with the sunny driving etc. Too much UV?

Saw the dermatologist last week listened to my list of aliments/concerns and said he would see me in 6 months I just felt it was a waste of time again (2nd visit), nothing to say other than my gp is my main person to go to in regards to my health and all of the problems I am having. Seems if i do not have a rash it doesn't fit his remit. Appt with gp next week to discuss it. Just tired. Thanks for being out there. ML

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  • Same here lupus consultants are supposed to know more than us but my blood is coming back saying yes got lupus but because I not got butterfly rash I not got lupus ! They should know is that u don't need to have a rash or every symptom to have lupus

  • Thanks for the feedback and I think this doctor leads me to believe that he does not understand lupis and I certainly don't, I just cannot figure out yet (early days) what is lupis related and other auto immune problems that I am beginning to develop. Wishing you luck with your doctors..ML

  • Hi jacclaire,

    Some rheumatologists have a specialisation in other autoimmune or musculoskeletal condition and don't have a very deep understanding of lupus unfortunately. The butterfly rash only occurs in about a third of people with lupus. If you are not confident in your consultant, you can ask your GP for a referral to a different one for a second opinion. It may be worth asking for a referral to a rheumatologist who specialises in lupus. If you let me know what area you are in, I can provide you with information about any specialists who may be nearby.

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