I score a goal at last! Footy reference


You may remember my being bullied by dental NHS doc into agreeing to extraction by local, when I wanted it be sedation. Well my lovely dentist was appalled and sent me to the local sedation clinic for the chronic terrified and today I had surgery, under sedation! A breeze. Wonderful people. They listened. To my nervous babbling with good humour. Treated me with respect and care and I feel like I conquered Everest.

Apart from the fact that I am flying on Tramadol and Zapain, I am fine and so happy someone was there for me both dentist and clinic. There is good care out there.

ALSO on the GP front! Had to go to docs cos of side effects to Gabapentin. Uesless on his hols so saw a young GP who listened! And she ordered a urine sample to see if I had microscopic traces of blood there, cos us chronics tend to do.

I did not know about that! What? Being proactive with me?

PLUS she was right! Not only that but she has caught the start of a urinary infection (oh joy), but she did something proactive. Cant remember that happening before! Ssoooo she has agreed to take me on! She is young but keen. Said "an interesting and challenging patient is always welcome!" So watch this space. She might stop me from uprooting my family from a practice we had loved in the past, to go into the unknown! You guys been praying for me? Huh? Cos my prayers were answered twice in a row!

Thanks so much for all your tips and advice which I truly valued. They kept me going in my worst hours. Love you all.

A happy footy, who'da thunk? GETTIN!



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11 Replies

  • What brilliant news to wake up to Footy! I know exactly how much difference a good doctor makes so to find a cluster of tip tops in a short space of time must be divine providence - a lottery win for a very deserving you! Tx

  • Thanks Guru. A lottery win indeed!


  • Hi Footygirl

    Fantastic news that you've found a good , keen GP and you had great care for your tooth extraction. Restores your faith in the medical profession. Drinking cranberry juice can help to prevent and clear a urine infection.

    Keep scoring , and feel better soon. X

  • Thanks guru. Yep getting a great boost from finding her and the nil stress extractions.

    Cranberry juice on the shopping list! Thanks



  • Hi Footygirl

    You really do deserve this break for all your struggles. I hope you find a good Consultant, last important piece of the jigsaw!.

    I also want to say how you and the FOrum generally inspired me yesterday at Gastro clinic to say to the registrar I wanted to see the Consultant!. She didn't like it , went haughty , asked why and when told it was because of how I've been I wanted to see him , accepted it and marched out of the room and told the nurse. I saw the Consultant and had a very good consultation. I go regularly for colitis. I wouldn't have had the courage so thank you for helping me. It proves we patients do have rights that have to be exercised to get the best care!.

    Keep scoring and I hope your starting to feel better. X

  • HURRAH ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️💐💐💐💐👏👏👏👏

  • Cheers coco


  • Fantastic News. Stick with her - my lovely FEMALE Dr has just moved - so pleased for you.

  • Am overwhelmed by all the messages and acknowledgements on the forum. Such support. I am really touched.

    Sorry to hear your girl has left. I do hope you find a replacement soon



  • It has helped me so much reading of other's consultation experiences - mine have been like swimming in jelly! The only excuse I can think of is that the 2 types of lupus have so many many symptoms, however you think those ladies with the "butterfly" badge of honour could be fast tracked or at least believed!

  • Yay!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👍🏼

    Fantastic Footy!!

    I'll claim the upward 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 if you like.

    Such a great feeling being listened to and being taken seriously and have the experts care and DO something !!!!



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