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What can i claim for?

I know iv been on about this before, but its really getting me down today.

I was finally diagnosed last friday after a year of being ill.. I have been diagnosed with Mixed connective tissue disease, Lupus and Raynaud's. I am currently working 20 hours a week (4 hours a day) which i know is nothing but for me Its enough to work for whilst struggling with discomfort and pain daily. I got declined my PIP and Blue badge which i have appealed against both but waiting on a reply back.. I know all i can do is wait but i know i will get refused the PIP again as i appealed before i was Diagnosed.

I live with my partner so now he does all the food shopping, pays for gas and electric and his mortgage, I still pay rent but only with how much i can afford but past few months all I can afford is £100 a month and i feel horrible for it, I still have my own bills to pay for and once all that is gone and the petrol for my car I am broke for the rest of the month, Cant go out and treat myself of take my boyfriend out for a meal its always the other way round..

I have no idea what to do know, not sure if its worth going to the job centre asking them for advice...

Just wondering what people are actually able to claim with Chronic Illness's, The stress from being financially struggling will only make my health worse...

Any advice would be grateful..


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They are only two benefits available, PIP and ESA.

PIP can be claimed if you are working or not. The 2 parts are Care and Motability, if you are awarded the enhanced care, and your partner is in a position that fits in with the criteria they can claim Carers Allowance. The Motability part is either standard or enhance, if you are awarded the enhanced you can then join the Motability Scheme and use your award to lease a suitable car

ESA is a benefit for people who are not working, and it's in 3 parts. JSA paid fortnight while you actively searching for work. The middle part is designed for someone who is deemed suitable for work but not at this present time. The third section is the Support Group, if you fit the criteria for this group you are deemed totally unfit for work either now or in the future. ESA is probably the hardest benefit to claim, as you often hear stories where you are called for an interview to see if your missing leg has grown back since the last time they saw you.

Good luck with whatever you claim for, however it's best not attempted on your own, use your local CAB or one of the online groups to help complete the forms and prepare for any medicals or tribunals

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Hi Leanne

Sorry to read how tough it is financially for you and hope you get PIP on appeal. You've had an excellent reply from tired about going to Citizens Advice and the two main benefits . I'd just like to add that they would run a benefits check for you and your partner to see if there is also other help you can claim as well. They'll help you apply too. Hang in there Leanne, you may find you've done better than you think at appeal and you get Pip. The CAB will also advise what to do if you don't get it as you say you've been diagnosed since applying.

Have you been started on treatment?. Hope it starts to work quickly. Fingers crossed. X

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