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Have Lupus will travel..

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There is so much bad news connected with lupus that I wanted to share my recent positive experiences. I was diagnosed 8 yrs ago and have been doing well ever since on my meds- only one flare 6yrs ago.

Last year I took voluntary severance and decided that I wanted to travel the world- I wasn't going to let Lupus stop me!

First problem was Travel Insurance- everything is fine until you mention SLE and then no one will insure you or it will cost you a fortune- but I persevered and got lucky (EssentialTravel is the company that insured me, lupus and all very reasonably)

Second problem was the Meds- I take a total of 10 tablets everyday, and this adds up to a rather large amount is you times it by 6mths! My doctors have been incredibly supportive and prescribed 6mths supply in advance but I still had to carry them all. This meant although I travelled through some amazing countries( India, Italy, Australia, Fiji and South Africa) the only keepsakes I have are photos!

I am halfway through my trip and still have another 6 mths to go- I just wanted to let people know that Lupus doesn't need to or wont always keep you back. 8 yrs ago I thought I would never get out of bed again!

e x

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i have been sailing round dura and went to NZ and mlaysia in the early days of my SLE hope to travel again at some point. but havent been abroad for several years due to the uncontroled nature of my disease.

oh and i went to NZ for a month had blood monitoring done out there nad GP gave me a months worth of pills!

Hi nice to hear some positive, have a great time for the rest of your trip :)

Great to hear something positive!

excellent! you go girl!

Im really chuffed for you and its fantastic to know its possible keep taking those photos and maybe a bit of sand you could put it in a pot so when your back it will take you back there in your mind.... have fun wish i was there....

God good fro you e!

Keep posting and tell us about your travels and adventures you are having.

I too was diagnosed 8 years ago- I have had on average one bad flare a year, but I continue work full time in a job I love, have an eight year old daughter, and am happy with my life. Having SLE makes you re-evaluate your life but in the end you have to follow your dreams.


What a fantastic post!Hey you go girl!!Fantastic!x

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