Hi Everyone, hope you are all doing ok? Just a quick question. Does anyone get a dry cough with an upper respiratory wheeze that comes on really randomly. I've had one on and off for a few days, I eventually lost my voice for 24 hours after sounding like a sexy jazz singer ( I really can't sing)! Oddly the same thing happened a few weeks ago. I don't feel unwell like I have flu or anything. I'm four weeks into a starting dose of Azathioprine which seems to be going ok. Can anyone relate? It's really weird. It even comes and goes throughout the day.

Much love to all xx

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  • Lovely name,

    Could it be hay fever? Go see your doc.


  • I've had a horrible cough, with associated voice loss and ear pain, that I can't shake for over 3 weeks now. Not sure its cause is anything to do with Lupus/meds but certainly its sticking around may be. Hope yours clears up soon!

  • Have you been checked for Sjogren's?

  • I'm not sure if I have been tested for sjogrens. Is it a blood test? I do have some of the symptoms. I have also just learnt about the lupus voice which I've never heard of before. No idea what is going on but this hoarse voice and dry cough keep coming back!

  • its lupus my doc says...i coughed for two weeks and coughed up blood....scary because lupus has effected my blood clotting...

  • Sorry only just seen your question now...I haven't been diagnosed with it or even tested yet so I don't know about that side of it but I'm being investigated for suspected lupus. I went to my optometrist to get an allround eye check and he picked up that I have dry eyes and suggested we include sjogren in my investigations (he wrote a long letter to my doc). When I researched it all I found quite a long list of symptoms, including dry cough and hoarse voice (to do with the lack of moisture in the airways). There are a lot of posts on here about the diagnostic tests for sjogrens if you put it in the search box.

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