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Lupus or not ???

Biopsy and Bloods were done to investigate hair loss. Dermatologist explained the ANA came back positive at 1/320 but the ENA and ANCA rheumatoid factor was negative. He prescribed Hydroxychloroquine 200mg daily and explained my hair will not grow back. My GP informed me l was positive for Lupus so prescribed anti depressant Citalapram. While taking Hydroxy for over 3 months all my other symptoms of muscle pain, fever at night, stiffness, brain fog and chronic fatigue all which effected my quality of life and work, these symptoms have improved greatly and l feel quite well (is the wolf just sleeping), just occasionally get sever lower back pain if l stand upright too long. Looking back l have not felt as well for at least the last 5 years or so.....because ANA is positive and others negative is it Lupus or not??? Do all tests need to be positive ?

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Yes I know about hair loss. I have been taking the same medication as you for over 3 years. I have not lost much hair on my head but, I have absolutely no body hair form my neck down. I'm a guy so..........

I have no hair under my arms, no hair on my chest, no hair in privet areas, no hair on legs or feet. My doctors tell me it is part of lupus and the medication. Something you just have to live with.

Hope you feel better soon


"The Barefoot Gardener"


Thanks, l have not minded loosing hair on my body, the only hair l have is on my head at the moment with a big bald patch in the middle but being a woman with long hair l can tie it up to hide the patch.

Take care.

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Hi angbed,

A positive ANA is found in 95% of lupus patients, but is also found in other conditions and about 5-10% of healthy people, so whilst it helps to support a lupus diagnosis if symptoms are present, by itself it is not definitive.

Other blood test results may not always be positive in people with lupus. For example, anti-DNA antibodies are highly specific to lupus, but the test is only positive for about 60% of people with lupus. A diagnosis is made if you match at least four of eleven criteria. You can read more about the diagnosis of lupus on our website at

Hydroxychloroquine can take up to three months to kick-in, so the improvement in your symptoms may be attributable to your treatment.


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