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Urine Analysis Lupus SLE Nephritis

Hi would like if someone can explain to me how does this work.I have Lupus SlE nephritis.My urine analysis April was U -proteien (g/l) - 7.27  U -Creatine (mmol/l) 10.4 and Proteien Creatine ratio 6.19 (high)

They uped my dosis of predisone to 40mg and i am  al so on cyclophosphamide 100mg and plasmaquine 200mg.

Two weeks later

U proteien 1.36 Creatine 7.5 Ratio 1.60

Then today

Proteien 0.13

Creatine 0.4

But ration 2.88 

If proteien and creatine is lower how is the ratio higher than previous test.

What does this mean ? Are my kidneys still fine how fine?


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Hi Voeltjie,

Unfortunately we are not medically trained at LUPUS UK and cannot interpret your test results for you. Are you able to make an appointment with your GP to discuss this?


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