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So tired!!!

Struggling today. Sleepy and weak. Had double vision this morning and.had to close one eye to text message. It could be meds. I take buprenorphine /naloxone.for pain (known as suboxone in the US). Its made to help addicts get off opiates but it seems to help my pain. Only problem is it makes me sleepy. Thank you for letting me whine a little lol. I'm new here so I'm wondering how people manage their pain? Anything that's non-n  I can't take aspirin or anti-inflammatoris as I am on blood thinners as the result of pulmonary emboli. So pain control is tricky for me. I hope you all have a blessed day, or night if you're on the east side of the pond.

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Hi Jen, I take the same called Norspan in Australia, as a patch. It helps me too. Today I'm in 😱 Pain, and if it makes me sleepy then that's probably a good thing. I take panadeine as well and in fact a small dose of oxycondon. Pain is my big problem. 

I'm sorry you're in a lot of pain and tired and sleepy, it's hard to explain how it feels isn't it.

Stay on this forum , you'll receive good advice and most importantly feel part of this big, caring community.

Take care. Gentle hugs.




Morning Jen (UK time) I take paracetamol, can't take antiflammatories. The last time I did I ended up with an ulcer, the surgeon told me not to take any ever again and I haven't, played it safe

When the pain is persistent I take tramadol with its nauseous side effects, just one with 2 paracetamol and that seems to suit but thank goodness I dont need them so much these days. They were mainly for sciatica originally and as thats calmed down I dont need it so much and tend to take paracetamol. Osteoarthritis is my bugbear....and of course the joint pain that SLE brings, I have mild SLE

Had a rough night, woke feeling so uncomfortable its like being tormented, I had to get up. Bad dreams, sweats, cant describe the physical discomfort and so very tired. I have amitriptyline I can take so might resort to those tonight...they help you to relax and with the discomfort too I found...

I also have double vision that comes and goes...saw a consultant in the eye dep and they found a loose muscle in my left eye that affects vision in my right. Its corrected with prisms in my glasses and I was assured its nothing to do with meds, more genetic. I share your "whines" :) and hope you feel better soon xxx


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