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Lupus medication versus choemo.

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I am currently taking the usaul cocktail of drugs for SLE.  Am about to start on a routine of chemo drugs for a rather unusual type of carcinoma..  I am told to expect severe fatigue which, given the same from my Lupus meds. fills me with dread. Hope any of those reading this post may be able to give me some advice/comfort.

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Hi gogspr

Just want to wish you the best of luck when you start chemo treatment. As if lupus and the meds weren't enough to deal with!. TAKE CAREX

Praying you will not feel as fatigued as expected and you will have a good report at the end of the chemo treatment.

Please make sure you have plenty of rest and try not to stress about anything.

God Bless

Maureen xx


I can't offer any advice unfortunately, but send all my best wishes and gentle hugs to try and comfort you during your treatment. Keep strong, take care and rest as much as you possibly can.

Karen x

That's tough. I wish I could make it feel better or give you some answers that help you feel more in control. I guess it's a wait and see situation as everyone seems to react differently to chemo, just like we all can have different reactions to SLE meds. I guess the one positive thing is that you have already been dealing with managing Lupus so you know all about 'real' fatigue and the need to pace yourself even on 'good' days. This 'training' will stand you in good stead in the mental, as well as physical, fight you face. Praying for good support networks around you and the mental strength to keep your head high. Xx

Sending a big hug with this message. You know what extreme fatigue is, so go with it, rest as much as you can and know that its your body's way of dealing with what's going on. As if lupus wasn't enough! Always here for a chat. Lx

Well done for finding the carcinoma in time, particularly as it is, as you said, rare. 

I doubt there is anything that could help the fatigue other than resting, drinking water and eating light meals. The poor body cells have to work under tremendously difficult conditions, so their batteries (mitochondria) are depleted by doing that. You could help by eating green veg and rainbow fruit but don't over do it as your tummy might need gentler food during this period. 

I'm sorry you have this to deal with on top of everything else. Good luck with the treatment.

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gogspr in reply to Purpletop

Thanks for the response Purpletop. A suspicious growth on a lymph gland in my neck was discovered in Sept. 2015 - the normal protocool is to cary-out immediate investigations and probable biopsy.  It took the Royal Infirmary in Edinburgh 5 months to do this. I have been told by a senior consultant that I have sufficient grounds to lodge an official complaint, whats the point as it would only increase my stress levels!

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Purpletop in reply to gogspr

So are they treating it with meds only? No radiation, I mean? 

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gogspr in reply to Purpletop

Too many lymph glands affected to consider radiation at this time, possibly may try radiation after about 4 chemo sessions - hope that proves to be the case.

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Purpletop in reply to gogspr

Fingers crossed that's all is needed. Let us know how it goes, all the very best.

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Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to ruthgriffith

Please discuss any alternative treatments with your consultant before trying them. The items listed here are not advised as an alternative to chemotherapy and would not treat cancer. In addition echinacea should be avoided by anybody with lupus because it has been shown to trigger flares in some people.

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