Menopause and flares update

Thank you to all those who gave me your experiences on the menopause and flares. I had posted that being peri menopausal I was experiencing more flares and that in a previous conversation we had spoken about vaginal soreness which also conisided with the flares. My new wonderful gp has put me on hrt pessaries initially nightly for two weeks then twice a week. Also an anti bacterial ointment rather cream with hydrocortisone. Brilliant! The hrt is not enough to be systemic but works topically. 

I am repaired!!!!!!!!!!!done below, less grouchy, and flares although monthly are small.woop woop!

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  • Glad to hear it. Nice to read a positive post for a change. Nothing worse than undercarriage problems. 

    Long may it continue

  • My undercarriage? Definitely.

  • I call my down below, my undercarriage. Heaven knows why!

  • Me too 🤗😏

  • HURRAH: congrats: many thanks for the good news 🌟👍✌️👏👏👏👏👏🍀

  • Good gp, down to earth, listened, understood it was not major but important to me. Happy undercarriage, happy me.

  • Good for you :-) xx

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