something else :(

evening lupus buddies,

im afraid I have yet another weird question for you if anyone can help shed some light on this new thing,

I have a sore armpit, a stinging feeling almost like sun burn,clothes touching hurts. theress no rash/hives or broken skin and no redness. skin looks normal and very slightly swollen. it started Saturday and each day the skin has become more sensiative and has crept under my armpit to my shoulder too? still no rash/hives etc.

I havnt changed laundry liquids or body soap. I havnt pulled a muscle etc either. it does feel like its bruised? apologies for a random question again x

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  • I have had this happen to me when I was going through a bad flare up. Actually when I was first diagnosed, it was a part if my symptoms. Since I've been on steroids it hasn't happened. Speak to your doc about it. You may be going into a flare.

  • Yes I've had this too, not sure why though! I tend to put moisturising cream on which helps, at the moment my skin feels really dry and feel I'm keeping the sales on cream up :) it is worth mentioning to your gp as Tammie says, hope it isn't a flare. Xx

  • my armpit and shoulder are even more painful this morning, I also have a bruise and a cluster of tiny blisters under my arm and two other clusters near my boob. very angry and sore. cant bear clothes touching me. I phoned gp surgery and nearest apt is Monday!

    how did I get a bruise in my armpit as I havnt banged it?! my skin isn't dry but I cannot rub moisturiser on as its so painful :(

    hada a very long flare from april to October last year so hope im not having another, feeling extremely tired lately too, more than usual. sorry to moan but im so fed up

  • It's so frustrating when you need to see your GP and you have to wait so long. If you are being treated at a hospital for your Lupus then you should contact them right away and hopefully they will see you quickly. If not, tell your GP surgery its an emergency - this could be shingles (I had similar symptoms a couple of years ago) in which case you need to take anti-virals fast to treat this. Good luck and I really hope you feel better soon.

  • Just a thought - but could it be shingles?

  • Good point. I had the shingles around that area, and at first did not know what was causing the pain until I developed a rash.

  • Sounds like shingles to me, my dad had same blistery type rash with his bout of shingles. I dont know for sure but another lupie friend told me shingles is dangerous for us lupies? Take care x.

  • This sounds very much like shingles, the tiny blisters are classic and the soreness when trying to touch.please go to the GP and get some treatment, it does help. Hope you get an emergency appointment,as the treatment only works in the early stages. Be careful because its catching.

  • thankyou everyone, I took your advice and went to my local health drop in centre, I do have shingles :( been given anti_virals and some cream to dab on them. im in isolation for 7 days so dreading telling my boss :(

    glad I didn't wait until Monday now,thankyou xxx

  • Hi caninecrazy i think you may have shingles, i wouls say see your doc asap ask them for a emergency app id not ring nhs direct they will get you a emergancy app with your doc..hope yor feeling better soon

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