Hydroxychloroquine (Zentiva)

Hi :)

Like many of you I struggle with some brands of hydroxychloroquine and was advised to take the zentiva brand when hydroxychloroquine was discontinued.

However every time I need a repeat of this from the GP/chemist there is always a mess up and I am always given a generic brand.

It means getting a simple prescription can cause me hours of battling/ringing around trying to get it sorted. Something which I simply do not have the energy for!

I don't understand why this needs to be so difficult?

Has anyone else experienced this?

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  • Hi, I have a note on my repeat prescription stating Zentivia.

    I also check when I collect my meds, that it is correct, as if they are wrong they can't reuse the meds once they have left the dispensery

    I have had a couple of mistakes, but in General if your GP states the meds have to be a particular brand it seems to work.

    Good luck, as it can drive you mad when you have to run around sorting out what should be a simple task.

  • Hello. Yes, me too. Have so many horrible problems with the other brands. My GP has written Zentiva brand only on my repeat prescription but still the pharmacist makes mistakes and then there's a delay with ordering the right one in, as they don't have it in stock. It's never ending. Wish it wasn't. Wish it was easy to get the right brand. We could do without the hassle couldn't we.

  • The GP says they cannot put zentiva on the prescription(not sure why?) so were advised by the chemist to just put 'hydroxychloroquine' and then they could prescribe any brand but every time I go they make it into a big deal. Thought I had finally cracked it last time and they said they would order some zentiva in. Went to collect a few days later and they had prescribed generic! So frustrating!

    It is getting ridiculous now and because of the hurdles at every stage I am sometimes without my meds!

    It was so much easier with plaquenil!

  • Hi Jessie_2014,

    Could you ask your GP again if they are able to state the brand (Zentiva) next to the medication name (Hydroxychloroquine)? Many GPs do this for people with lupus without much trouble so I'm not sure why your GP is unable to do this. If not, is there another GP in your practice who you could see?

  • Make sure your doctor has Zentiva on the prescription. It's the only way you get the right one. Saying that my last prescription was wrong they couldn't get the Zentiva and tried to give me quinoric saying it didn't matter. It does. I refused and made a fuss. Complain and say you will go else where . Good luck. X

  • Hi, yes I get this all the time too! My GP specifies Zentiva on my prescription but it seems to tend on which pharmacist is in, as to whether they read that bit or not! I now always check that they've given me the right one before I leave but this often results in them saying " We need to order that in especially so it'll take a few more days"! I now always request a repeat prescription long before my old tablets have run out to allow for the time it takes to get the right ones. I am finding it such a pain too. Why is everything so difficult?!!!

  • Print out information about it off lupus Uk I took this to my doctor and she spoke with pharmacy how to get on prescription correctly 😊 I always order early though chemist still has to order in every time


  • It's v interesting to learn how others are getting in with ZENTIVA hydroxy supply...hate the thought of the hassles people are having....I'm lucky: so far I've had no prob getting ZENTIVA brand...and yes my repeat prescription list does specify ZENTIVA. But I'm always expecting to be disappointed. Like gizmok, I always stay ahead with my repeats requests...so I have at least 1 month's supply in reserve..I do this with all my meds, actually....🍀🍀 coco

  • I got mine from Pharmacy2u online

  • My prescription says zentiva but after similar problems i phone the chemist the day before i take my script in to make sure they have some in stock. I also open the box and check that it is zentiva before i leave the chemist shop. On one occasion it wasn't zentiva and when i pointed out that the prescription states zentiva because i cannot tolerate the other brands the chemist said she would make a note on their computer to make that clear.

  • My prescription says ZENTIVA along with stating brand names for other medications. I have had problems with the chemist trying to give me other brands saying it doesn't matter. It does! Spent ages arguing with them regarding my eye drops. The ones I get are Optive as they are preservative free. Clearly says Optive on the prescription but they tried to give me a cheaper brand with preservatives in them! The consultant ophthalmologist knows better than them! If a prescription states a brand then that is what you have to get. If a chemist gives you a cheaper brand they will still get paid for the more I expensive one. Now my surgery has said that if the brand named is not given I've to get the pharmacy to phone them.

  • We use our local sainsburys pharmacy for my Son's medication . His prescription is for Hydroxychlorquine but the pharmacy have been fantastic and have a note on his dispensing record only to provide the Zentiva brand . We never have any problems .

  • When I went back on to what's now Zentiva the original was made by its sister company Sanofi but then they stopped it and we were prescribed Quinoric by Bristol Laboratories, well mine was. What my GP said was that her Software didn't have the Zentiva brand on the system but she manually put the info onto the computer and it worked. I then went to my chemist and they put it onto my record card to say they were to only order the Zentiva brand and no other. That is what I received, I have just put in my repeat and it states only Zentiva so Wo betide they make a mistake. You need to get to know your chemist and stick with it and have it recorded like I did. My prescription is sent electronically so I need to stick with it, I know some people can't because they move around either for work or other. But the chemist has to sell you only what is on your prescription. Had same problems with imigran could only take one make. Good luck.

  • Thanks for the replies. Sorry a lot of you are having problems too. It has been put on my records at the chemist but that doesn't seem to have made any difference whatsoever!

  • This has happened me too on my last 2 scripts. I had no option but to take the 'other brand' i.e. Quenoric, as my pharmacy had to ring supplier & check if any Zentiva even though that is what my script states & I always get it from them! After taking the alternative Ive noticed a bit of a flare like more achy & feeling rotten & I havent felt like this since starting azathioprine 3 months ago. I now think it could be connected to this generic hydroxy from what I read this is not unusual. Will be demanding Zentiva tomorrow.

  • My doctors has a pharmacy on premises and they know that I want the ZENTIVA brand and so when I order my repeat prescription that's what order. However I k ow my local tesco pharmacy also stocks the ZENTIVA make if need be 😀.

  • Thanks all. Now I know Zentiva can be put onto the prescription I will push for this. I often get so tired of fighting for things that I lose motivation to push for them. Will give this another go. Wish me luck!

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