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The funny side of lupus #13

Is when, as a 'good mum' you offer you iron, (yes, iron,) your daughters uniform.........i am sure as lupies you understand how difficult ironing can be and we do tend to avoid it........

So ironing board erected by daughter, iron placed at my sitting level and off she trotted to the shower.

15 mins later I am still trying to make sure that all the creases are out and not understanding why its not happening...frustrated, I yelled for my daughter who sauntered in, listened to my rant, looked at the shirt, look at thd board and then the iron and casually said....

'Mum, you really should turn the iron on, that way it will work'

Thanks loving daughter, you can do your ironing youself...... lol

That, non ironing, lupies, is the funny side of lupus.

May your iron and ironing go much more smoothly lovely lupies. X

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