Herts or Essex Rheumy?

Hi all, just wondering if anyone could recommend a good rheumatologist in the Hertfordshire, Essex or North London areas? I have connective tissue disease and antiphospholipid syndrome (but sero-negative) so ideally I'd like to see someone who is willing to accept my diagnosis without the positive blood tests! I have looked on the Hughes Syndrome and Lupus UK websites for recommended specialists but I can't see any in my area so I'm seeking personal recommendations. Thanks.

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  • It would be useful to look at hospitals where there is a Lupus UK funded specialist nurse - they seem to pull the medical teams together and help to provide a really supportive service. I'm basing this on my experience at Addenbrookes but I guess there would be similar in your area.

  • Hi mochamum,

    If you wanted to see a lupus specialist, I believe your nearest would be either UCLH or the Louise Coote Lupus Clinic at Guy's Hospital.

  • I see a good rheumatologist at Barnet Hospital. Ignore the name, it is in Herfordshire. Is that too far for you?

  • Thanks for the reply. Barnet is not too far, what is the doctor's name please? Much appreciated.

  • Hi mochamum, (East & Nth Herts NHS) Hertford Hospital has a fab supportive Rheumatologist - Dr Wijeyekoon.

    Xmas 2012, I wasn't feeling well (SLE flare up) so I stayed at my mums in Herts. Jan 2013, I had burning sensations in my belly so I ended up in Lister Hospital with gastroenteritis, pneumonia, severe Anaemia, Extreme Raynauds & suspected Tuberculous. At that time, I lived in Brighton but because of my health I had to stay in hospital for 3 weeks for testing & at my mums for mths. Also an X-ray showed a shadow on my lung (which was actually a Lupus flare-up). Poor care at Lister Hospital inflamed The Rayneuds which caused my RT index finger to turn necrotic (blood cells died & went black at tip), this triggered Anti-phospholipid syndrome so I continued to have regular check-ups there for about a year. A yr later. I lost the tip of my finger.

    Dr Wijeyekoon listened & took all my concerns seriously. Even when I went back to Btn, for mths I still attended Hertford Hospital for his consultations as he knew all the details of my case & continued to monitor my health.

    I moved to Ldn so he referred me to Louise Cootes @ Guys/St Thomas hospital but I will never forget the care & support he gave me. I've not had that since. Due to the pressures put on NHS doctors & nurses, it's rare to find one who truly takes time to listen, empathises & offer supportive solutions. I hope the system hasn't sucked that out of him.

    Hope you find Rheumy who has your best health interests at heart

  • Thanks MagSLE, I'll see if I can follow up on your recommendation. Take care.

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