What is this

What is this

Hello, I've been getting hives on the tops of my hands a few times and it starts off very minimal and gets worse and worse as the day goes on. Very concerned.

I apologize for being so vague in my above post..

After this started happening I looked at everything that may be affecting it- any new laundry detergents or soap or any kind of common areas.

Every time I got the rash I was in a different place than before- once I was at school another time I was at a ski mountain and another time I was just laying in bed.

I took an antihistamine as soon as I saw the beginning of the rash and it had no affect on preventing it. I also rubbed on Benadryl another antihistamine and that made the rash worse and more itchy.

I haven't gone to my gp because it has come and go and my parents don't think it's anything serious. [they are not doctors, obviously.]

I didn't mean to post this under the lupus page, I stumbled upon this scrolling through Google so I thought i would post.

I do have 5 cats, which I am allergic to and I have gotten hives on my face a few years ago from a different alergy but I have been taking antihistamines while I have had my cats and I have never had a rash like this in the 7 years I have had them.

Thanks everyone!

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  • Hi Dwyerreywd, have you been to see your GP about this yet?

    I have found the following information about hives in 'The Lupus Encyclopedia' by Donald E. Thomas;

    "'Urticaria' is the medical term for 'hives'. Urticaria commonly occurs when a person is exposed to something to which he or she is allergic. For example, when someone allergic to cats is exposed to one, he or she may develop itchy raised areas or bumps (hives; also called welts). Urticaria can also occur in people who have SLE due to inflammation caused by lupus itself. The hives often get worse with sun exposure, just like other forms of cutaneous lupus.

    A related problem is angioederma. Urticaria occurs due to inflammation and swelling in the skin itself, whilst angioderma is due to inflammation causing swelling of the tissues deeper than the skin. This can especially occur on the face, particularly around the eyes or on the lips. The swollen areas may or may not be uncomfortable or tender. Both urticaria and angioderma typically improve when the systemic inflammation of SLE is treated (such as with steroids)."

  • Omg this is me and I still get told no its not your lupus when my lupus is controlled I get no hives but 10 years or more 3 years had lupus meds methotrexate at the moment

  • that looks nasty - what has your GP said? I developed a rash on my arms on which the itch was unbearable after much too-ing and fro-ing it has been diagnosed an nodular prurigo. Like lupus it is incurable, and very little is known about it too. I was scratching the itch and had tore my arms apart, the rash is always worse at night, antihistamines have little effect. On itchy skin, I have found that ice packs are more effective, I put damp facecloths in little plastic bags in the freezer and when the itch becomes unbearable, I put them in contact with the itch and secure in place with a section of tubular bandage. Aquaeous cream with 2% menthol is also very good. I had monitored my food intake, changed to ecological cleaning products and it was through this and many other things that I found out that it was not an allergy. Most chemists offer allergy testing and that might be worth a go to see if it is due to an allergy.

    Good luck

  • Hi,

    I was just wondering what type of pc you use?

    I borrowed my son's for couple of days as tablet was broken and had similar rash come up on back of hands due to the light from screen affecting me whilst using the keyboard.That was despite my sunscreen on hands.Maybe totally wrong with you but just a thought as I was baffled until I noticed it got worse by evening and eased by morning.

    Hope you find a solution and relief whatever.

  • I use a google chrome book and a mac book pro

  • Try putting 50+ sunscreen on back of hands and see if it stops it flaring up.

    Some folk are that sensitive to light from screens artificial lighting etc.Worth a try as a simple test.

  • Just to say that you can order covers for screens that block blue light. These might be helpful if your skin is sensitive to blue light. These can be shipped internationally from the USA.

    You can find these covers here: lowbluelights.com/products....


  • Thank you George.

    The last time I looked into them they weren't shipping to uk so this is great news for me.Maybe not such great news for folk on here as if I get one I can come along here to play up for so much longer 8 )


  • I just pulled this from their website to remove all doubt:

    'International orders accepted. A flat rate of $22.95 for shipping charges outside the continental U.S., except for Canada.'


  • I have a prescription for a cream that you might find helpful. It is hydrocortisone with pramoxine. The hyrocortisone of course heals the skin but the pramoxine helps with itching and pain for some hours. It is mostly used by people with hemroids, but it really does help with itching. It also helps with pain. I sometimes put it on my face for sinus pain.

  • I put a benedryl cream on my hands which is an antihistamine and it made the itching and burning worse.

  • Hi Dwyerreywd,

    As Paul has mentioned, it'd be a good idea to go to your GP about this. What works well for one person with lupus might not work so well for another, or may even be harmful. Please check any treatments with your doctor before using them.


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