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The funny side of lupus #8

Is when, after the dropping of yet another kettle, ( i think i got up to about 8 or 9), because, even if you fill it for 1 cup, its still too heavy, you finally find a solution..........

'Get someone else to make it for you' lol 😂😁😀

I am, of course, joking....... (or am I?)

My health worker actually got me a cradle for my kettle, its great and practical.... but not as much

Enjoy your cuppa, wonderful people. X

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I prefer the "made for me" sort of cup of tea and I get that in the mornings before I even have to role out of bed.

But the rest of the day? A cup at a time and a microwave...


I bought a travel kettle but it took so long to boil , I kept forgetting I had put it on LOL

Have been looking at these kettle urns! So I will alway have hot water as an when I want a cup no waiting , but daughter is staying at moment so she does all the making !

I am only aloud to do things for pleasure which is lovely ! But I seem to be able to less and less , hoping when weather picks up I will to ! 😊


Chris x


A kettle urn! thats my kind of cuppa..... the continual one... lol. X

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