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The funny side of lupus #7

I am a closet geek!

I have been for many years and have only just revealed this in the passed 2 years to friends and family.

My comics, toys, signed art etc was always a hobby until I was told I could no longer work as I was too much if a my hobby became way of making some spare cash through facebook.

As a result of this, my daughter and her partner took me to my first Comic Con, at the age of 49, to Olympia, it was fantastic... went in my chair, met amazing people, spent some money and dressed up, yes dressed up. You can start chuckling now....

What was so funny, was sitting, having a break from the exhaustion of so much fun, in my wheelchair dressed as DELORES UMBRIDGE, from Harry Potter, oh yes, I went the whole way.... please see for confirmation, check out the album pics.....

I heard a very loud blood curdling scream and saw the following people running across the lobby towards me...... belistrix lestrange, voldamort, professor snape and a slytherian student, terrified was an understatment!

For those of you not aquainted with HP, these are the baddies and so was I.

Despite being Delores Umbridge, dressed all in pink! in a wheelchair, I was delighted to be asked to have my photo taken by these amazing youngsters, who within with in 10 mins had gathered a large crowd of their friends to take yet more photos, have my signature and make me feel so good and part of an amazing experience.

The initial fear and terror I felt on going washed away by the constant stream of dressed up other geeks asking for my photo. I would do it again in a heart beat and my 50th is this October and falls on the greatest day in the comic con calendar, the New York Comic Con......

Guess where I am going, my costume is already packed. Lol.

Thats the funny side if lupus.

May the geek in all of you shine with pride. X

I am sorry, i have tried to upload the photo but facebook wont let me. You can find my pink picture at the above address, please feel free to add comments... it all helps with my geek profile... lol. X

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That's awesome!

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Went to Facebook and found your shop, LOVE the pic!! You are a fabulous Umbridge, with quill in hand! Have a fabulous time at your next ComiCon :)

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Thank you for the vote of confidence......glad u liked the pic. Much love. X


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