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On BBC1 after the news is a programme called South East News. Tonight they are doing a piece on Lupus in a young woman.


I saw briefly tonight about a programme on the south East news after News on BBC1. It's about a young woman's struggle with Lupus and how ill it made her! They were saying there isn't enough known or talked about Lupus! I totally agree that there isn't enough info for patients like us!

I thought I would just mention it on here now in case someone might be interested. I'm going to watch it myself!

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Thanks for info, but l cannot find this prog, and l would have like to seen this. X

Daph39 in reply to Lucymay

Hi, I find it on sky on 692. If any help. Good luck xxx

Thank you for letting us know golden girl. I didn't know it was being shown. I have just watched it. A brave girl to be filmed. It is good to have this much needed publicity. X

Thanks so much for the tip! Am hopeless at tech, and live in a different region, but will try to find this online....I so want to see it...so rare for lupus to get this quality exposure!

🍀🍀 coco


I watched it. I think it came yesterday at 6.30pm. It was amazing to hear Lupus being mentioned and explained on the news. Not many people know about it. I really felt for the young girl. It was quite emotional and I could really relate to it. There should be more press on lupus to make people aware! Well done BBC News!



Hi, my sister told me about an article in one of the national newspapers yesterday about a young girl suffering with lupus so badly she had asked her family to take her to Switzerland to end her life. So heart breaking and sad for someone so young to be suffering so badly.

It seems to me that lupus is being talked about more and more which can hopefully help get us all better treatment and understanding of this awful disease.

Karen x


Here's the link if anyone wants to watch x

baba in reply to Bellacat2011

This link works thanks


Was it this one? She wants to end her life? She has Lyme Disease ..

Only just been able to watch it.

My son,youngest, is just being tested as has all the symptoms including a facial rash.My Lupus flared to its all time worst when I was 7 weeks pregnant with him and at that time miscarried his twin.He hung on in there and was born full term but has been sickly on and off all his life.He was diagnosed with Eds at 10 years old so everything has been attributed to that until his knees swelled up red and the rash has appeared on his face.Now the wait for results and referrals.

I feel the same...and after 17 Years of " managing my symptoms" it hasn't gotten better even to the point of feeling abandoned by medicine and natural is not always affordable...😪

Evening everyone, sorry for not putting a link or other ways to watch that piece on the BBC1 last night. I'm not at all techno minded so I apologize for not being able to do that! I am glad that I was able to be of some help though. lol

I did watch it myself last night, but was disappointed that it was such a very short piece because I really would like to know how every thing turns out for her.

I have Lupus, Sjogren's Syndrome dx 17 yrs ago, and have since been dx with a lot of other illness's and disease's, but I still don't know a lot about Lupus!

you've got such a great response GG! your tip has been great for us! thanks so much! and those who are web-savvy have followed your lead to get us these links. it's great your here: this is a good place to get to know more about lupus

I did manage to see this, after a few problems with the clip. What a brave girl and wonderful coverage for our cause. It's been posted on Face Book too. Thank you.

My sister lives in the USA and contacted Lyme disease some years ago, contacted from ticks, that are mainly found in deer perhaps in the grass and trees? It is transmitted from dogs and cats that roam in those areas. Good luck, Barbara NZ

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