Dwp assessments being stopped?

Dwp assessments being stopped?

Hi everyone I have been told by two people now that it has been in the news over the last couple of days and on the radio that they are talking about cancelling these nightmare assessments for people with long term illness which isn't likely to improve and could get worse . Have any of you heard this and do you think lupus and other autoimmune diseases would be included. I think they are saying people who are unfit for work so what happens if you have been declared fit for work after one of these assessments x

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  • Yes it's on BBC ESA benefit payments: Re-tests axed for chronically ill claimants


    Only thing is I think it may not cover lupus because it's seen as a disease that fluctuates over time so in theory someone who's too ill to work at the moment could in theory go into remission 6 months later (not suggesting that that's a reality for most people!) So I bet lupus won't be covered 😡

  • Yeah that's the problem with this disease but unfortunately employers don't employ people on a variable basis and when taking immunosuppressant drugs you are always at risk from infection, what employers allow people to stay at home if there is flu or a virus going round at work

  • I know, it's rubbish that its so unpredictable. I've started working as a contractor/temp and thinking that might be a good option for me - I think people expect less of you if you're not permanent staff, and though I hate to let people down it does give me that bit more flexibility - plus I'm thinking I might try and save up enough to not work over next summer so I can hide from the sun more easily. Not sure it's financially feasible but I'm going to try!

  • I did that for a while inchild care and had more than enough work n it was great as I could chose wen I wanted to work and wen I knew I wanted a break for the next week. I would still b doing it now if another bigbhealth problem hadn't come along

  • Ms is included it says and ms is a chronic autoimmune disease with many similarities to lupus x

  • This is only for ESA (which is going to be reduced to the same amount as JSA next year). In addition, this is only the 6-monthly assessments (which I've personally never heard anyone having to do - possibly postcode lottery). It doesn't say anything about the 12-monthly assessments, and of course doesn't say anything about PIP/DLA at all. So I'll not be holding my breath in this case.

  • No I have never heard of such regular assessments I had been on esa for 4 years before being asked to go for a reassessment.

  • I think it's when you've actually passed the esa medical & been put in to the support group. They then reassess you periodically. Think this is what their talking about.

  • I passed the esa medical 4 years ago and was put in support group, was asked to go for reassessment in august this year and was given zero points and declared fit for work even though my health is the same as 4 years ago plus now have osteoporosis, they are telling lies in the reports to get people off benefits

  • Sorry buffy, didn't realise you were already in the support group. I've been reading my zero points esa medical assessment & it's full of lies & discrepancies.

  • Yes so was mine I don't know how they get away with it we will have to hope our appeal goes well or the new rules they are talking about include lupus x

  • If u have been fit for work one the last one of ur assessments and ufeel it's not right appeal otherwise u willkeep getting assessments but as they say yes once u have an unfit for work and have a long term illness u won't need anymore. U may need to get a letter from ur dr to back you up A lot of people who appeal get it changed so don't worry yet u just may have to do a couple more steps

  • Yes I am just waiting for the results of mandatory reconsideration and if they don't change their minds I can then go to a tribunal to appeal which I will do .

  • Hi buffy

    Just want to say get the help of either DIAL or Citizens Advice for your appeal. Hope you are and good luck for the reconsideration. X

  • Thanks , I have spoken to welfare rights who will help when I get a no from the mandatory reconsideration which I will I have no doubt, saw on internet yesterday that only 4% of mandatory reconsiderations come back with a change in the decision x

  • Hi Buffy

    I think they use the reconsiderations as delaying tactics. It just prolongs the stress.!. I'm glad you've got help from Welfare Rights. Best of luck. Keep us posted.x

  • Will do x

  • Good don't let them win and give up if the appeal does not work get everybody consultants, dr,outside help , long term friend, family member and even bloody dog ifu have to lol but don't give in. Appeal and appeal

  • I had a reassessment in the summer, it freaks you out like you actually think you're lying, but I just talked to the woman like normal and explained everything that what i have is unpredictable and kept saying that every question what time you go to bed, "It depends" do you take naps? "No it makes me sore" can you do this "it depends" I've done this twice now during the physical I said no I won't do this because I could be fine now but tomorrow I could be in pain this assessment could make me in pain, if you want one done ask my consultant, TBH I did end up crying to her because I was so stressed didn't plan that, but I was kept on esa after. Think the more you explain how this illness is touch and go the better the examiner understands because basically they have no idea what lupus or anything is. I didn't know till I got it! System is screwed tho...

  • Yes I was honest on my form saying it varies and I was on a good day when I went for my assessment and in my Mandatory Reconsideration Notice they put that they had mainly based their decision on the physical examination on the day , they are not meant to do that according to guidelines

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