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My soon to be sister in law has lupus as do I.Her insurance has just been canceled and she cannot get her plaquenil anymore


My fiance's sister has been on plaquenil for over 2 years now.They cut her off of her insurance because she is 26 and cannot be on her parents any longer.She could not walk before taking it.Does anyone know how she could still get it without insurance?She's been breaking them into quarters and trying to stretch them out as much as possible for now.I feel bad but I cannot help her .My doctor recently put me on the medication my symptoms and very severe as well.I know it takes a long time to work so I hope it take an long time to wear off for her as well so she can get some time to figure out how to get her medication.

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Where are you


Hi Julietsmombless2015 ,

She must be in the US if she was on her parents insurance til age 26. She needs to apply for Medicaid. Also there is prescription help available online. I am posting the best place top go to apply. Copy and paste the address below into your address bar, once there, under Healthline is Overview, Price Comparison, and Assistance. Click on Assistance and that will take you to all the different RX plans available to help with meds. I did check them and they all cover Plaquenil. She may have to pay 20 or 25.00 for a 3 month supply, it depends on her income. If she isn't working at all, then Medicaid is her best option! I hope this helps!


AnnNY in reply to LadyoRockee

If you don't have insurance, you can pay out of pocket, especially if you have seen a doctor for awhile. And if she isn't eligible for Medicaid (and sometimes there are looser rules for people with medical need), she should be signing up for Obamacare. ( I don't know Obamacare that well, but people often lose their insurance mid year, so it must be possible to sign up mid year, too.) If she likes her doctors she should see what insurance they take. My doctor allowed me to try to go off plaquenil to see how I did. One time he suggested after a while that I go back on. The next time I didn't need to go back on it until many years later. I never went back to square one. So she doesn't need to panic. Even if she is off it for awhile, she might do OK.

Apply to the health insurance marketplace and she should get low to no premium based on income. Then apply to medicaid. I think you have to do these steps in order for coverage then write or call in the meantime to the makers of plaquinel and ask to get on their indigent medication program and if qualified the manufacturer will send it to you free of charge.

Hydroxychloroquine the generic for plaquenil is a fairly inexpensive drug in the U.S. Shop around to different pharmacies as the price does fluctuate.

maybe she could go on the maker of plaquenil 's website and see if there offer patient assistance if they cannot afford to paid for meds. Some pharmaucial comapanies do offer this services.

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