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depress, home sick hypothyroid , sjogren or lupus

been very depress these days, my GP is on holiday saw a duty Dr on wednesday, who says that my throat mucus might cos by Sjogren not thyroid. I can feel my thoat is swollen and cant breath comfortably. and have to cough caused by mucus. Feel lonely. Sorry for moaning here ......

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I've same problem at the moment, feel like my tongue is too big for my mouth! I don't have thyroid problems (to my knowledge) I put my down to sjogrens. I saw a nurse yesterday who said she can't help, I need a doctor so will be going back tomorrow. Do get this on n off, do you or is this the first time?

It does make you feel down, so moan away if we don't understand, on one will!

Hang on in there, hopefully it will pass soon.



I cant say its not the 1st time, cos in 2014 similar Syndrome and I have to go to ER, can't breath properly and sore throat, even when you drink it hurts. It's been on and off, but this time last a bit longer and depress too, hope it will gone soon.

The thing is I can't switch on the heater in this cold weather, rashes on my face if heaters on. I had to wear thick warm clothes indoor.

I am now use a mouth wash which my sister sent to me from Germany. It helps a bit after mouthwash. But sleep 3 hours only last night.

Hope your Dr can do something for you.


Hi vambat,

Have you discussed your low mood with your GP or consultant? They may be able to offer some additional support. We have a leaflet about lupus and depression which includes some information about a range of support services that you can access - lupusuk.org.uk/lupus-and-de...

If you need any information about Sjogren's syndrome then you may want to contact the BSSA. Their website is bssa.uk.net/

Please don't apologise for coming here for support - that's what this site is for :)



Thanks for the information. I dont have chance to see my GP, but I do call Rheumatology dept, they refer me to call nurse. But its an answering machine, have to wait to call back. This is the first time I have depress mood since diagnose Thyroid, Lupus, Sjogrey and Reynolds. Hope they will call me back.


So sorry you feel so homesick and depressed, have you plenty of company? Can some family visit or maybe you can plan a trip home to look forward to? When you're not feeling well it'll make you miss home even more.

I'm now hypothyroid,

My dentist felt I might have syjogerns as I've a dry burning mouth, I've recently developed a constant mucus cough,and had been blaming, a recent chest infection or post nasal sinus drip.

But maybe it's syjogerns like your doctor said. I've been referred to oral people but the waiting list is 18 months,

I've been using sinus rinse

Difflam mouth rinse( which is numbing)

And a friend on here recommended binotene mouth wash.

My throat isn't sore but I feel a tickle/dryness on down my throat, which causes coughing bouts.

like you I feel miserable, take strength from the good people and genuine help and support on this forum ☀️


Thanks Suin,

I didnt talked to any of my friends and I dont have a lot.

I have burning face and ear on the right side for 2 nights now, luckily it didnt last long only 1~2 hours.

Thanks for the info, and its always good to know someone understand me. People here are very supportive and I learnt from their experience to handle my illness


we get it...one day at a time


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