Lupus flares or Adrenal Crashes????

Well its fair to say this is officially the worst point of this vile disease ,i have been having flares every week for a good few days at a time ,it comes from nowhere ,like the slightest stressor sets it off,it can be physical ,mental or enviromental stress in the smallest amount ,i can cope with very little ,yesterday after a gruelling appointment which involved a lot of talking ,i didnt feel stressed as such just tense,however after i spent the whole afternnon on sofa (not good with a child)only for it to worsen into a flare ,i feel totally toxic today ,i cant sleep although im utterly exhausted ,my head pounds ,my glands like golf balls,i hurt all over and feel like someone injected me with poision .Im also being investigated for adrenal dysfunction,my query i lupus flaring?or adrenal crashing?i fit both catagories,does anyone have any advice im pretty low and in totally depressed ,i just cannnot and will not accept this ,how can i when its being so unkind ?ive given so much of my life already .how much more does it want?i feel like a pointless human being and i know you guys can relate to this feeling ,but how do you get others to understand our utter sense of worthlessness?im all for trying hard but to try hard with no rewards and only more discomfort seems so unfair .Thanks to you all ,brave;(((

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  • so sorry brave, no one is pointless, know what you are feeling, keep talking and go to the gp to see if they can help. lupus is a pain because it messes with your emotions, makes you down, which makes the physical stuff worse which then makes you more upset, a very very cruel condition. but brave you, and all the other lupies have something lupus does not- everyone here on the site willing you on, you are not alone. always here, mark.

  • Well said mark - you are not alone , never all alone. Can't see if have both at the same time, mentally that's got to be exhausting. Do they treat them separately ? I always wonder how which drug knows what to do? Hang in there + thoughts n prayers !



  • thankyou lots ;)

  • thankyou scoobydoo

  • I am sorry, brave. I saw your message just after you posted and wanted to say something but, I have not been where you are and, felt quite inadequate. Have been thinking of you ever since and just want you to know that. You know what you have to do - just keep on trying. I see your posts to people all the time telling them how to carry on and be strong. You have lots of valuable advice to give to everyone else, just lie still and tell yourself all the reasons to keep trying - just like you tell us.

  • Thankyou so much ,;)

  • It's hard to take ur own advice I have started seeing a pain doctor and he has asked me to write a letter of advice to someone in exactly the same position as myself as it is so hard to take ur own advice but easy to give it to others. Depression on top of lupus is really hard and I think it makes ur lupus do circles and its hard not to give up but all I can say is I have had to ask for help and let go of my independence as I can't go on tryin to put on the brave face I was workin myself into the ground. I have found the people tht love u will want to help as they feel useless wen ur in pain and tired so feel at least they are helpin in someway just stay strong and keep fighting

  • im still attacking ,but its exhausting ,thankyou

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