feeling hot and sick in night Lupus?

Hi im an newly diagnosed with SLE and still coming to terms with this news and my symptoms, I have the classic rash, joint pain and fatigue. Last night I woke feeling very hot and sick, I opened the bathroom window but began to feel worse, a numbness spread from my chest down my arms and I went clammy and faint. My hubby called an ambulance, and after a long time in a+e they have put it down to a virus. I now feel fine, all be it quite tired!!

It has now dawned on me that this could be a new SLE symptom ( or of course it could well be a virus) does this sound like anything anyone else has suffered with?

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  • Hi hanb27,

    I'll leave your question for the rest of the community to say whether it is something they have experienced. I would just like to let you know that we do have a free information pack, which is quite helpful for people like yourself that are newly diagnosed. If you'd like me to send you one, please just send me a private message or email paul@lupusuk.org.uk with your name and address.

  • Thanks Paul I do have one already!

  • Hello. Before I was diagnosed I had night sweats etc. I was suffering from extreme fatigue and then wouldn't be able to sleep well. It was so frustrating. But it all settled down with the hydroxy. Although I still get fatigue I sleep at night much better and the night sweats / dizziness / nausea have virtually disappeared. I hope your symptoms settle down soon. Good luck. Wendy

  • thanks that's helpful. I guess if the A+E team had more info on Lupus they would have been able to help and advise me better at the time! I guess it all comes down to greater awareness needed in the medical industry . Thank goodness for this site!

  • Hay there befor I was dignosed I had night sweets, joint pain, fatigue and many more symptoms, sleepless nights was the worst of all but all them symptoms slowly but surly all disappear maybe coz of medication. Hope u find relife soon .

  • I recently had to make an appointment with a different GP, as mine had left the surgery. I had to explain to the receptionist what the appointment was for (hate that, sometimes think they are just being nosey). Anyway, after saying that I needed advice about my photosensitivity and unhealed blisters on my hands, she asked me if I could bring all the information I had about my condition to the appointment. I was gob- smacked and asked her what made her think I had more information than them, the doctors surgery, on my condition. She finished the conversation very quickly. Unfortunately there is definitely an ignorance in the medical profession about Lupus. I did probably have more info than them, I have bought a selection of books as I am someone who needs to read and know what I am facing, it helps me deal with it. But I wasn't going to accept what the receptionist was asking me. Surely a GP can Google like the rest of us!

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