Gutted licence revoked

Feeling totally gutted right now,just received a letter from DVLA saying my licence has been revoked.

For those who didn't see my post about what happened a couple of weeks ago,I had what the hospital think was a seizure whilst driving my car.

Which resulted in me crashing into one of my neighbours cars.

Nothing like this has ever happened to me before,and nothing since.

I have an appointment with neurologist in the morning.


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13 Replies

  • So sorry to hear that. A few years ago a friend of mine, a nurse, had this happen to her. She had all the test and after less than a year she was able to get her licence back. No further problems. So try to be positive and this will probably be you. good luck.

  • It says it's for 6 months,then I can apply to get it back.

    We live in the middle of nowhere,just feel like my little bit of independence has now been taken away from me.

    The only reason the DVLA were notified was because the neighbour who's car I went into rang the police,because he didn't know if he should ring an ambulance or not.

    The police woman said they have to notify them because they have attended.

    The doctor at a&e told us that they don't notify the DVLA for one little seizure,only if it happens again.

    I'm just gutted and upset about the whole thing really.

    I cherish my licence because I had such a tough time when I passed my test.

    It was a week after I had my first ever lot of chemo,which the doctors mucked up and made a very ill.So passing my test was that little bit more of an achievement for me than it might of been.

  • How about asking your doctor to write a letter stating that you are fit to drive and ask DVLA for an appeal?

  • I am going to speak to neurologist at my appointment in the morning,and ask if they think I'm fit to drive.

    If they say yes I will ask for it in writing,so I have proof for DVLA.

  • When it happened to me the DVLA helpline told me later that I shouldn't have sent in my licence but waited to see if there was a second episode (there wasn't). It may be worth calling them - the people I spoke to were wonderful. Don't write - call, it is much quicker.

    My doctor had told me (wrongly according to DVLA) that I had to physically send my licence back, which I did. It took them 6 months to sort things out (lost reports, total disinterest blah blah) and when I finally had my letter saying it was fine I rang DVLA to find out what I had to do. That was when they said I just should have kept my licence originally but not driven until I got the all-clear.

  • The letter I have received from DVLA says my licence has been revoked and I have to send my licence back to them,because they have decided I shouldn't drive for 6 months :-(

    I'm going to speak to neurologist at my appointment in the morning,if they say they think I'm ok to drive I will ask them to put it writing so I then have proof for the DVLA.

  • Bless you, try having a chat with your GP, nothing to lose. Good luck.

  • I am going to speak to neurologist at my appointment in the morning,and ask if they think I'm fit to drive.

    If they say yes I will ask for it in writing,so I have proof for DVLA.

  • I think that the thing is, crashing into somebody's car is a little biggie. If someone were inside the car, the passenger could have been killed or harmed. Luckily, there was no one inside. You had a lucky escape. I would say, 6 months is fairly lenient considering. I have known someone (a friend of mine) who fitted at work. He was banned from driving for two years..and right before 2 years went past, he had another one. It's hard without a vehicle. But you might want to be sure that you wouldn't have another one then you could get yourself killed when your consciousness is affected as before. Once your diagnosis of epilepsy is established, not sure you can ever drive again ( at least, not for a while)?

  • You can drive again. After my fifteen years of fits, I drove for some years, before trouble with my hands and sudden onset migraines made me realise that I might be a hazard on the road. So Don't lose hope!

  • Musicteach

    That's so wonderful. Hope your journey will go on beautifully and safely :-)

  • Neurologist said pretty much what I knew she would,I can't drive for 6 months.She is arranging a MRI scan just because she said I'm young lol.She doesn't know the cause of it,she said because nobody witnessed it happening so we don't know if I was convulsing or not.She said hopefully it was a one off and won't happen again,but if it does she will have to start me on medication.

  • I'm sorry to hear that. I can imagine what you must feel.

    Thank God, that's all that happened. Consider that....and think on the positive side of it.

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