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Morning all,

I just thought I'd share my dissapointing news with you.

Back in July, I had to have my Mitral Valve (Heart) replaced due to Lupus.

On Nov 22nd, I had an Echocardiogram & last Wednesday had an appointment with my Cardiac Nurse who showed me the results.

My new valve is only working at 35% of it's capacity, it should be around 80-85% by now, my heart is also still enlarged & my Tricuspid Valve is leaking slightly too.

All in all not good.

I hate Lupus & what its done to me.

Hope I haven't moaned too much


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I'm really sorry to hear that Trace, I can understand your anger and frustration about what Lupus has done to you.

I hope things start to improve for you soon, take care, Mandy x


Sorry to hear your news an not surprised you are feeling fed up. Do you know will happen now? Take care.



Hi Val

Had a blood test yesterday, see Cardiac nurse on Monday, if kidneys are ok & everything else is, they'll my Heart tablet & hoping this will work because if it dosen't it means more surgery & not sure I can go thru that again.

I'm finding it hard to deal with, having open heart surgery is scary & I just want something to go right for a change. :-(

You take care too



So sorry to hear your news, do hope things pick up for you soon. Its bad enough having Lupus without all what goes with it, I hate Lupus too, but keep positive if you can , not easy l know. We are all here for you. X X


Sorry about your rubbish news as lucy-may said try to keep positive.

As far as moaning goes moan away. Take care x x Bettie


Big (((hugs))),,in a very gentle way to you my lovely lupie sister!Stay positive hun,,here for you always x


Hi Trace

Really sorry to hear your bad news. Hope things get better soon.

Take care

Sue x


Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, just glad Ive got this site to talk about my problems, I've had SLE for 6 & a half years & I felt so alone until I found you all.

I wish you all Lupus free days



I for one think you are entitled to moan all you like about this.


Bless you Thaddeus, thanks


Not good news Trace. Hope it all works out for you. Big careful hugs to you and sending you positive thoughts.

Sharon xx


Hello Trace

This is just awful for you, having Lupus is bad enough with aches, pains and fatigue etc etc, but your heart valve, i had an operation on my knee stopped as in my notes they found i had a Mitral Valve problem, but when i went for more tests i was fine and my valve was ok, operation went ahead and all ok.

I know how i felt then i was horrified and scared

I hope your medication works for you, stay strong and thinking of you.

Fiona x


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