Morning all,

I just thought I'd share my dissapointing news with you.

Back in July, I had to have my Mitral Valve (Heart) replaced due to Lupus.

On Nov 22nd, I had an Echocardiogram & last Wednesday had an appointment with my Cardiac Nurse who showed me the results.

My new valve is only working at 35% of it's capacity, it should be around 80-85% by now, my heart is also still enlarged & my Tricuspid Valve is leaking slightly too.

All in all not good.

I hate Lupus & what its done to me.

Hope I haven't moaned too much


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  • I'm really sorry to hear that Trace, I can understand your anger and frustration about what Lupus has done to you.

    I hope things start to improve for you soon, take care, Mandy x

  • Sorry to hear your news an not surprised you are feeling fed up. Do you know will happen now? Take care.


  • Hi Val

    Had a blood test yesterday, see Cardiac nurse on Monday, if kidneys are ok & everything else is, they'll my Heart tablet & hoping this will work because if it dosen't it means more surgery & not sure I can go thru that again.

    I'm finding it hard to deal with, having open heart surgery is scary & I just want something to go right for a change. :-(

    You take care too


  • So sorry to hear your news, do hope things pick up for you soon. Its bad enough having Lupus without all what goes with it, I hate Lupus too, but keep positive if you can , not easy l know. We are all here for you. X X

  • Sorry about your rubbish news as lucy-may said try to keep positive.

    As far as moaning goes moan away. Take care x x Bettie

  • Big (((hugs))),,in a very gentle way to you my lovely lupie sister!Stay positive hun,,here for you always x

  • Hi Trace

    Really sorry to hear your bad news. Hope things get better soon.

    Take care

    Sue x

  • Thank you all so much for your kind wishes, just glad Ive got this site to talk about my problems, I've had SLE for 6 & a half years & I felt so alone until I found you all.

    I wish you all Lupus free days


  • I for one think you are entitled to moan all you like about this.

  • Bless you Thaddeus, thanks

  • Not good news Trace. Hope it all works out for you. Big careful hugs to you and sending you positive thoughts.

    Sharon xx

  • Hello Trace

    This is just awful for you, having Lupus is bad enough with aches, pains and fatigue etc etc, but your heart valve, i had an operation on my knee stopped as in my notes they found i had a Mitral Valve problem, but when i went for more tests i was fine and my valve was ok, operation went ahead and all ok.

    I know how i felt then i was horrified and scared

    I hope your medication works for you, stay strong and thinking of you.

    Fiona x

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