Hiding under the duvet!!!

In need to vent my anger. Life's been down hill since 2006. Started with breast cancer & mastectomy, won that fight. But live with & got used to pain from it. Other symtoms lead to be diganoised with sle, Sjogrens, Raynards & other ailments due to Lupus. Learning to live with that.

Been absent from work for 15 months due to company's lack of understanding of Lupus. Still in battle with them, even after 3 oph referrals. Am dealing with them, even though I'm constantly in a flare with the stress.

Bit of good news finally & won my battle with pip! Thought things were looking up. But no........

And finally the icing on the cake, had to leave my home at 4.30am on boxing day due to been flooded!!!! My head is screaming with it all. Moved bk home yesterday & been hiding under the duvet since. I've been a lot luckier than some. Water only came into lounge. But all laminate flooring needs removing & any furniture that came into contract with flooring, so that's every thing.

Tomorrow I'll pick my self up again & try & get back on track.

Just really needed to get this down in writing & out of my head.

Happy (barhumbug) New Year. :-(

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  • So sorry sending you better things for 2016 🌅

  • Oh, poor you, what a nightmare! What else is there left to do but hide under the duvet? Try and take it slowly, a step at a time. Everything is in a mess anyway, no point rushing to get it all done and suffer because of it.

    Good luck with the people at work and with everything else!

  • saying prayers for you, hang in there. Hugs for you!

  • Just to say so very sorry you're having to deal with awful situation on top of multiple illnesses.Haven't any useful advice as in similar situation and haven't found a good solution but pace yourself and sending understanding hug and a few extra dry spoons to help.

    Take care of you and the rest will sort out.x

  • Thanx everyone for reading & understanding my moans. Just needed to get my latest problem out of my head. I'll definitely be using the extra "dry" spoon's today littleeffie. (That made me smile). Trying to look at the problem in a more positive light, as re designing my lounge with nice new furniture etc. I've no insurance so waiting to hear from the Disaster Fund. Onward & upwards. x

  • Oh no!! That's awful so sorry to hear you've got to cope with flooding on top of everything else. Life really throws it at ya' sometimes! I don't blame you for hiding under the duvet - I would do the same. Try not to exhaust yourself with the things that need doing. Take regular breaks under that duvet - watch dvds/read a good book - anything to help you unwind and de-stress. Take care xx

  • Really sorry for you. Being flooded is awful (speaking from experience). Hopefully your insurance company will be quick off the mark and sort that flooring and furniture out for you. Best wishes

  • Hi,

    Just know you are not Alone! Keep on keeping on. Take care.

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