Pain and puffiness under eye

My left eye looks ok except that I feel like I have a bump under it. All red inside and looks like a black and blue spot under eye which is where the slight pain is. Are eye problems common with lupus. I don't even know where it came from other than I exercised hard the day before, and was out in the sun a little. Wondering if I need to see an eye doctor. Started yesterday, got worse today.


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7 Replies

  • I went to Jamaica in 2010 for two weeks and the very last morning I woke up with puffiness under both eyes, I though I was bitten by Mosquitos so I went to see the nurse who told me it was the effect of the sun. It dissapered as soon as it got on the plane for home.

  • Hi Natura, Ye a lot of people with Lupus get eye problems and more so if they are on Hydroxichloiquine (can't spell that!) Go to your doctors, optician, or to the eye clinic at your nearest hospital. Better safe than sorry, I get mine checked every 6 months (I'm 66) but I would get your checked every Year. Good luck.xx

  • Hi natura,my eye problem started about 2months ago ended up at A&E they thought an insect had been in there ut was my left eye all this fluid kept coming out every time i tried to open it.anyway to cut a long story short i ended up seeing a eye Dr in my 3rd visit by the way mine was sore under upper lid,turns out i have dry eye gave me some drops & told me it can be a side effect of lupus.please see a eye optrishion if need be perhaps they will send you to A&E quicker that way.well it was for me I live in the Chelmsford wishes &good luck

  • Eye problem? GET IT CHECKED BY OPTICIAN ASAP! Don't forget to say that you have Lupus and take hydroxychloroquine. My optician said that they do an extra check, as there is a rare side effect. Also, I take 2 different eye drops for dry eyes, which my GP prescribed - Clinitas gel and Hypromellose eye drops I don't know what other lupies use?

  • Thank you everyone for the advice. I am not on hydroxychlorquine? It seems a little better, but still sore. I am in between insurance plans again and have no ins cards, so I don't think I will be going to the dr unless it gets worse. My father had glaucoma, so I do watch for that, but over 2 yrs from seeing eye doctor.

  • Nutura,PLEASE DON'T LEAVE IT,that's what i did it will happen again your eyes are valuable rember that.imagine waking in the morning and you can't see??don't take it for granted it will be ok go to see optrishion better than doctor they got everything to see what's wrong normally you can see one straight away.look after yourself

  • I tried to go to my eye doctor once, but my ins changed and I didn't have my new cards yet. They wouldn't see me. So frustrating. I got an eye wash because u realized that I got dirt in my eye from bike riding. I wear sunglasses, but the wind was whipping dirt into my eye. Lack of eyelashes at this age, didn't keep the dirt out of my eye. I still feel the bump. Not sure where to go. I have had a lot of headaches the past couple of days too. Wonder if it's related to the eye.

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