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Stinging sore inner thighs

I was just wondering if anyone ever suffers with this, the inside of my thighs are sore and sting from top to knee along with some tingling it eases off when I rest but I know it's still there loose clothes help but they feel so sensitive and it gets worse upon movement which then drives me to sit down for a while.

does this sound like inflammation to anyone?

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Yes I get the same but under my tummy roll. It's just where the skin is rubbing together, you need to put some moisturizing cream on there but if it's a bit weepy then you'll need something from the doctor as bacteria will have got in.

I'm not sure whether this is just from us having Lupus though.

I hope this helps you.



I also get this , not sure if it's from my Lupus or my Fibromyalgia though, it sounds like it could be inflammation, it helps if I kick back in my recliner, I know some times just clothes touching my skin hurts or is irritating. Hope you can get some relief, some times a hot bath is just Awesome!


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