Hi I was on incapacity benefit, and after an assessment have just been given ESA, on the support group, it is very confusing, as only for 3 months? I cant find any ifo on line , to clarify why only a short time! Does anyone know about this? The other problem is my kidneys-got low GFR of 44 and seeing renal dr soon, but now my ankles and feet enormously swollen every day at moment...eek ! Can anyone advise!

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  • Hi I also have horrific swollen ankles. I notice people looking at them. Some people actually comment. I find it very distressing but each time I bring it up with my kidney consultant he says the usual... Compression socks, keep them elevated and reduce salt intake. None of these things seem to work. They throb and often reduce me to tears. Also I bring this up with my lupus consult each time I see him. At the moment it's every couple of months. I think they think it is insignificant in comparison to getting my lupus and kidney damage under control but it's very uncomfortable, disabling and distressing to see. Anything that would help would be great. I might go to my GP for diuretics even though my consultant says no.

  • Sorry I couldn't answer the question but you might want to try what my consultant suggested for the swollen ankles. It might work for you.

  • Hi Luppykate

    Well done with your ESA award but having it for only 3 months means you'll have to re-apply when this time is up!.

    You might like to ask your local Citizens Advice Bureau about this result and if they didn't help with this claim , they will help you with the forms next time and so you could achieve a longer time. Getting into the Support Group is incredibly difficult!.

    I can't help with your kidney's only to say tell your renal doctor about your swollen ankles. Good luck for the appt and let us know how you get on.x

  • I get ESA too. I had to go to court to get awarded it tho cos after my 3 months were up they took it away from me. Get some advice before your 3 months end

  • Hi, I would recommend a Facebook page called Fightback for anything to do with dwp. They are based in North of England and they are free although donations are very welcome. They started of as a fb page helping a few people with dla/ESA/pip and in less than 2 years have grown to thousands of followers and have even had to get an office etc. They can help with form filling, appeals everything really. The judges at the appeals even recognise them now as do the dwp. Hope this helps.

  • This group sound fantastic I don't have facebook or twitter do they have a email address

  • My swollen ankles and legs are due to side effects of steroids, definitely more uncomfortable with this heat. Do elevate them when sitting down to ease the pressure

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