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Protein in urine

My daughter has had her check up at the hospital today and yet again has protein present. They want her to do another test this week but with a tampon in to make sure its a clean test. This is not the first time protein had been present though. They said its strange as her blood pressure is normal and they would expect it to be raised if there was to be a problem with the kidneys. Could we be looking at kidney problems too now? She has had bladder involvement, being unable to control her bladder without the help of drugs to help.

Can the kidneys be involved without the blood pressure being raised? Feeling worried after things we were getting somewhere with getting her better :(

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Hi there

I'm 21 years old had lupus since 2012 and from 2013 November had this issue with protein leaking from my kidneys into the urine so far to date it goes up and down one minute it could be their one minute it could not be however their is blood test to test our kidney function and so long as that says it's working fine then there's nothing to worry about this is what my consultant bases it around I don't have high blood pressure or anything that indicates kidney involvement so don't worry and ask for a test of kidney function this will tell you what your dealing with many hugs



Well, every case is different but I tell you here how it was for me. I've had Lupus for 13 years:

My tests started to show urine in protein about 3-4 months ago. I was going through a flare (Hemolysis and anaemia) so doctors decided to stabilise me first. During the next weeks the kept doing the urine tests, and still protein in urine. I'd never had any problem with my kidneys, nor bladder. Not even infection. My blood pressure tends to be low. And that's how it kept the whole time. So, after being out of the flare and still having urine in protein, they decided to make a kidney biopsy. First they made the test for checking if I've got an urine infection as it seems that this can also show protein in urine. But it was negative. Thus I had my kidney biopsy and it was positive: I have kidney Lupus.

I'm on treatment for it and it's a long one, months/years for you to see changes, so I still have urine in protein but I try to live my regular, normal life. A very healthy diet full of veggies plus Lupus treatment. I have no other symptom related to the kidneys.

Hope all goes well with your daughter! Positive vibes!


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