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Anti dsdna positive twice now negative

So about 6 months ago i had a really bad infection in me breast i was on antibiotic for 2 months about a month later i woke up with a tight headache and a lot of anxiety and panic attacks they did an mri and showed nothing anyways they did a ana test which came back low positive 1:40 and anti dsdna came back 20 which normal was under 10 tje rheumatologist did the test again ana the same and anti dsdna 18 anyways i was diagnosed with lupus i went for a second opinion and blood wprk all came back negative the new rheumatologist says its nothin im terrified i have been so stress cuz i dont feel the same my brain is always a fog not alot of pain as anyone Else been through this sorry such a long post

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What antibiotic were you on as some Lupus is caused by certain ones Tx


Extreme protracted stress can leave you with brain fog, (a bit like a hangover) as can lupus. & not all lupus patients have joint pain etc.

Best thing to do psychologically is to forget about the lupus diagnosis for now - but 'definately' cover all your bases.

Go back to the first Rheumatologist you saw, with all your recent test results and ask him what the reasoning was behind the Lupus diagnosis and wether he still stands by it. Get him to explain everything.

He may need to do a broader range of tests ? as lupus blood tests can go up and down and be inconsistent.

If you're not 100% satisfied you

may have to eventually resort to a third opinion.

All the best.

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