Positive ANA&Positive DsDna/ Negative ANA & Positive DdDna

Hello everyone, I am from the United Statesand saw your blog and thought I'd join. I am 33 recently had tests done positive ANA positive DsDna then sent to rheumatologist who retested Neg ANA and slightly higher still positive DsDna. I have a lot of the symptoms of SLE my mother also has and was diagnosed in her early 20's. I am not questipnong my symptoms I am only confused by the clinical side. I have heard so many contradictions on the Internet and from different specialists on the web even. My Rheumatologists suspects I have SLE only have seen her once last month for consultation. Has anybody on here had similar labs? My lab counts <4.0 is negative. 5-9 equivocal and 10 plus just positive. Mine is 14. My last ANA was positive with a speckled pattern.


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7 Replies

  • What was your ANA titre? Sounds like lupus but if the ANA titre is low doctors are reluctant to diagnose until it gets higher, above 1:80 at least.

  • Hi Purpletop, my ANA from my pc was 1:40. It is a los positivo the rheumatologist said but she says it can fluctuate with disease activity. I've read online that contradicting things like it doesn't fluctuate with the disease and that once you are positive they don't retest. However, there are a lot of people online with a diagnoses of SLE stating they're tested regularly or yearly. It was my first appointment and I'm not so worried about being diagnosed I just want to find facts. I realize lupus is kinda puzzling maybe it's not just black and white, its a lot of gray. Thank you for replying!

  • Yes, you already have positive anti dsdna that is a strong indicator of lupus. My ANA has been positive for the past 4 years and only recently, has turned into negative - I was under a strong immunosuppressant at the time.

    Lupus is indeed a lot of grey. If there is one certain thing about lupus, that's the fact that anything is possible when having it. You're doing the right thing informing yourself properly, that will help not panicking when new symptoms appear.

    All the best.

  • I have an ANA of 1:100 and an antiDS DNA of 9.

    My rheumatologist usually tells me I'm just imagining it all and I'm overweight - therefore it's all my own fault. Seeing them again 14th Jan - potentially for the last time if they don't help me. Very miserable today :-(

  • Hi Ancilla

    Good luck for your Jan Rheumy appt. Hope you get the help you need. Keep us posted. X

  • To me and to what I've read I would think that sounds like SLE. I've been to the hospital quite a few times before I was ever tested and before lupus was even a possibility in my mind. Every time I went they made me feel like I was overreacting or like hypochondriac-ish. That made me sad because sometimes I felt so ill I thought I'd die. I hope everything turns out good for you and you get the help you really need.

  • My initial ANA and Ds Dna were moderately high, They have both come back negative, weak positive after stating on Plaquenil.. My rheumatologist said that once my DS Dna came back positive, it almost clinches the diagnosis regardless of future blood work.. Not sure why they keep rechecking ?

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