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Right, well I just had my appointment; and I struggled to stay awake during it so that in and of itself certainly was an indicator. True to form, he said 'You know, if you lost weight, I'm sure the issue would probably go away'. I managed to keep my temper and replied 'I fell asleep once on a rowing machine, when I can stop doing that, then I'm sure I'll be able to stay awake long enough to eat properly and lose weight'. Ever. Bloody. Time. with this Doctor, grrrrr.

Anyway, I managed to get the questionnaire done, which seems to put me on the moderate-to-severe scale of apnoea, but I'll need the sleep study first.

As an aside, I also asked about birth control as I've started dating again (why not? I might as well live a little). The GP frowned and asked why I had said I had a decreased libido and yet wanted birth control. Aside from it calming my menstrual cycle down (which I hope it does), and I didn't exactly want to explain that my libido used to be a LOT higher, I instead just grinned and said 'Yes, true, but I'm feeling hopeful.' And he broke out of his professional demeanour and laughed for a good long while.

Match to me, then. *keeps score*

So, anyway, I guess I wait to see when the study happens and go from there. Now I think...I need a nap!

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  • Doctors!!! They really need to be more human! I think they all have autistic spectrum disorder and don't know how to relate to people at all.

  • I and my son both have ASD, and relate to people just fine. Social cues are a mystery but there is no disability or mental illness for being a jerk, that's just human nature. In any event, I still need to be sure to ask rheum you for an idea for a better GP. Joking aside I'm getting very sick of being fat shamed every time I talk to this Dr

  • When a doctor tells me to watch my weight I take it as a personal challenge and say to myself just you watch!

    It's frustrating as the nature of lupus and the meds gives us a barrier to begin with and I think doctors need be sensitive to this.

    Hopefully your sleep issues will be sorted then you can fully concentrate on a weight loss journey.

  • You do make me laugh! It's a struggle to even get to the kitchen to eat! I get the results of both sleep studies towards the end of this month. And.... What is libido? I seem to remember the word from a year or two back... 😊

  • I've heard about libidos, but figured it happened to other people ;)

  • My kids have asd and relate great with a way of keeping me smiling.As you say blinkered eejits have no place being in a job like that on a wage like that.In fact ask him if his fat wallet is weighing down his humanity.

    If I can get a bit more of something called sleep I might remember libido!

    I think it stood for Loving In Bed Enjoying Distinctive Other? Or summat like that Zzzzz damn just when I was starting to remember the fog descends.

    Seriously ,good for you dating and hope you get the apnoea sorted.

  • AHAHHAHAHA. Loving in Bed Enjoying Distinctive Other? Best. Response. EVAR.

  • Brilliant response to the issue of weight!

  • Srsly, how do I even?! Granted I've always tranced out to the sound of the rowing machine, but it isn't a lullaby!

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