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Clicking Joints

Hi, does anyone else suffer from clicking joints? I'm like my own personal one man band at moment - think im in a flare as Rheumy said ESR levels extremely high and she's doubled my methotrexate dosage so now on 250mg per week. Sleeping is the worst as the joint locking disturbs sleep especially one knee which feels at times like its gonna dislocate !! Anyone got any advise to alleviate this at all or is it a case like all other Lupus symptoms of waiting for them to ease off ?

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Yes! It's the ligaments rubbing over each other. My daughter cannot do anything quietly as she clicks when she walks! It was very funny when she used to come home late at night and try to sneak into her room! She also has a recurrent problem with her knee which requires rest to recover. A real newsence, but manageable at the moment. Her shoulders are also unstable and tend to dislocate easily.

Good luck!


Oh you bet I do Debbiemay, in my fingers, what happens is, one of my fingers will start to give a pulling effect and it hurts, so to relive it i have to get the click out then the pain stops. And it's a loud "snap"!


Yes! I get clicking/popping, loose-feeling joints when I am flaring. Sometimes it feels like my feet are going to slip out of my ankles! Usually it occurs with other lupus symptoms like fatigue and muscle pain, and for me it only gets better when the flare is under control.


Mine is ankles, knees (the worst) wrists , shoulders and even my neck ... So embarrassing


Always had clicking joints. I sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies. I could never sneak up on anyone or hunt well with my grandfather for game because my ankles and knees made so much noise! It's sort of funny now; I've had to stretch when talking to people and my bones will all make loud popping noises. It's completely normal to me, but I've turned people's faces slightly green and they mutter an 'Oh my god' before they can stop themselves hehehe.


do you know why this happens? I have this lately and I hate it especially during yoga classes everybody's looking at me


I am like this every morning but also during the day as well, my ankles, toes, lower back and shoulders but to be honest I am so used to it I haven't told my rheumatologist as it has been going on for a few years, do you think I should or is this just another side effect?

When I turn over in bed my knees feel like they are loose and going to come apart.

I don't know about you but so many things happen, if I listed them all down I would sound like a hypochondriac lol

When my husband hears the clicking he winces and asks what joint was that!


That's exactly the same for me the pain in my knees is quite bad too.. I think it's always worth mentioning your symptoms just so they're logged.. I thought all us luppies we're classed as hypochondriacs anyway LOL ... Guess I now know most people have this symptom so I'm not alone x

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