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Face rash update

Face rash update

Today my daughters face is looking a little better I think. Mind you, I say that and then in a few hours it will probably look angry again, that's the way it seems to go. I think it's worse when she is warm. Anyway, today is the best it's been.

On the other hand, spotted another mouth ulcer today. That's about 7 in a week. They only seem to last a day or so at most and don't seem to be bothering her. I read painless mouth ulcers can be a sign of lupus too? I so hope not.

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She is so lovely! Thanks so much for this update...good news, I feel

Maybe it will help to know that my version of rashes doesn't fluctuate: once I have a rash, it's bad for some time until it begins to gradually respond to prescription meds (although all my rashes hurt more when exposed to heat &/or sun). And some versions of my pink/rosy urticaria-type rashes are v stubborn....e.g. the rash across my upper chest & neck has been permanent for years now.

Also, remember: as you know I'm sure, mouth ulcers are common for vvvv many reasons other than lupus....and can occur without a sinister underlying cause...., i've had mouth ulcers all my life and they are always I'm a bit more informed about multi system autoimmune symptoms, I tend to guess these ulcers are mainly down to my infant onset lupus...but I have several other early onset conditions that are also implicated

V glad you're keeping in touch with us


Thank you for your comment Barnclown. I have just posted an update after our trip to the dr's this morning.


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