Start of a bad week

Sorry for widging but a bit of cold weather and my hands just do not want to work joints sore lack of movement and my legs are giving way on me and loads of work to do for Christmas ( I'm a carpenter on new housing )so looks like I'm in for a joyous wk at work , also struggling to sleep and kidney pain this is the first time since being on hydroxy and methatrexate hands and legs been bad could this be a fleair I have regular bloods and had full scan on kidneys in sept when in hospital with sepcis ,kidneys ok ,still don't believe I have lupus rant over looks like I'll be back on reg tramadol next wk


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6 Replies

  • Hi Ianrussell69,

    Sorry to hear that you are struggling after the change in weather. Are you able to use anything like heated gloves or heat packs to help warm up your hands?

    Have you seen your doctor about these symptoms popping up? It could possibly be the start of a flare and they may want to temporarily adjust your treatment to try and prevent it getting worse.

  • Hi thanks for replying was diagnosed with raynods 25 yrs ago I were gloves and use heat packs , was told the methatrexate would help hope it will when it gets v cold bloods tomorrow so rumey they should tell me if anything is wrong

  • I get a flare when the seasons change. My fingers, hips and ankles are the worst, so it's either stay immobile or move with pain. But, staying immobile just encourages the joints to get worse. Best advice would be to keep warm, pace yourself at work, and watch your diet if possible.

    Take care, and hope your rheumy appointment goes well. :)

  • Thanks , for the reply . nobody has said anything about diet befor is ther some food that makes it worse or pref better

  • Hi Ianrussell69,

    You can find more information about lupus and diet in our booklet at

  • Thanks for the info will digest booklet no pun intended

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