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Hi everyone I'm a newbie :) sorry can't find a heading for back problems


Anyone got any ideas what's wrong with me :( been having lower back pain , pins and needles in legs right down to toes , heavy muscle at top of left leg can't walk far have to stop because of symptoms , have to sit forward all the time to relieve symptoms :( pain killers and ibrufen don't touch it . Thank you

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It sounds to me like sciatica which I had 2 years ago. My advice is be very careful who you get to treat it! It is very easy to do more severe damage which is what happened me, in the end I got 4 facet joint injections which really helped and got me moving again and I'm having them repeated soon. Look up the condition and see if it resembles your complaint. Good luck!

Hi thanks for reply , Will ask Dr about that he did mention that in the beginning but just gave me ibrufen and painkillers which didn't touch it been to physio for 6 weeks and 18 weeks of back classes still the same :( well it's actually worse . I now have to use crutches when I go anywhere as its just too painful to be upright , I have to lean forward on them :( it's ruining my life to be honest , I'm only 55 hope they sort me out soon had to give up my job had my own business as a dog groomer and had a lady work for me I'm devasted about that I've done it for 9 years but couldn't cope being on my feet it's so frustrating

I went for anasthetic injections but they put it in my muscle and groin ? Lol didn't do a thing to help

I really think you should ask for a CT scan it was that which really showed up the damage to my spine and enabled me to get the proper treatment. Also have you tried morphine patches? They help give relief and be very firm with your GP even take someone with you to help get the message across.

Thank you I will do just that and my hubby will come with me

Go to a neurologist, there's likely some damage to your lower spine that's pressing on the nerves, hence the tingling etc.

I've got Drs app next week so will ask about that thank you

Hello everyone,

I was diagnosed with sle lupus 40 years ago. For the past couple of years my back as been killing me. I new before confirming that it was from arthritis, I have stenosis in my lower back. I just about had to demand a MRI from my doctor, which showed that my L4, L5 and S1 disc have arthritis pretty bad. Which has caused siacitca in my left leg.

I have an appointment with a spinal surgeon and I will go from there. I'm a realist concerning my lupus, I know that this illness is extremely frustrating for all who suffer from this.

There is no support group in my area, I have been doing research on my own. That is how I found this group, I have never met anyone or spoke to anyone with Lupus.

For the last six months I been having some really bad sweating episodes, I mean cry me a river kind. Any input would be great.

I'm new to this site. I've been on WC for 10 months due to severe fall flat out on my back. I somehow must have twisted during fall as my right hip, left hip cut, jeans ripped off. I've had open MRI wo contrast; x-rays, er room for 7 hrs. Physical therapy, I finally have EMG scheduled for February 18th 2016 through WC whom are the worst! 😨😲😱.I have been on oxi, light dose, take Aleve PM to sleep. I'm like the hunchback of notra dame. All the so called crack in the box specialists WC put me through all say degenerative. I'm not overweight, if anything underweight, no health other health issues, I used to be able to do everything, even vacuuming, lifting, stretching, bending kills me. I am at my wit's end and fed up with all of this. I'm 59 female, 105 lbs. White flag. Any suggestions besides getting an attorney, that's another stressful issue I have no idea how to deal with. Any suggestions or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Have a Blessed Day.

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Angel1020

Hi Angel1020,

Do you believe that all your symptoms are the result of your injury, or do you believe you may have an underlying condition? Good luck with the EMG, I hope that it helps you reach a diagnosis and perhaps start some treatment to alleviate things for you.

Hi Paisley,

I know that Chiropractic is an avenue you might want to consider. I have been seeing one for quite a few years, also a homeopath. A lot of my symptoms are manageable now. Hope I gave good info.


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