Hi guys, I'm back asking for another favour haha!

Hi guys, I'm back asking for another favour haha!

Thank you all soooo much for voting for my cupcake bouquet last month, unfortunately I didn't win :(

BUT the same people are doing another competition at the moment for a kitchenaid stand mixer again. I would so love to win this time, having this mixer would just make life a thousand times easier. Plus, pretty!

You can vote here facebook.com/MyCakeDecorati...

(just fyi: i don't think it works on your phone)

and please share if you can :)

Thank you!!

I've attached a pic so you can see the cake that I entered

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  • Wow! Amazing. P23 if anyone else is looking. Good luck x

  • Bloomin marvellous a truly lovely creation , good luck in the next one x

  • Happy to have voted, it's beautiful.

    BTW, it's now on pg. 24

  • Thank you guys!

    If the link doesn't take you directly to it, you can also search for mine with my name: Michelle McVeigh that'll take you directly to it :)

  • Just voted, so 60 votes at the moment. BUT I saw a cake on the same page that had 172 votes, so you need to post your cake in more places. Have you tried the various lupus pages on fb? There are many. Good luck! xxx :)

  • thank you!

  • I have put my vote in for you x good luck hope you win x

  • Don't know how u do it. U have my vote. 3 x so far.

  • Good luck!!

  • thank you guys, means a lot :)

  • Hiya - just to say I have voted for yr cake xx I wish u luck. I have recently been diagnosed with connective tissue disease, but also have a love of baking and making novelty cakes! ;-) I have an apple green kitchen aid and it is a joy! I hope you win xx

  • Ps yr now on page 38!

  • Thank you! Yeah, baking can be a challenge with a chronic illness but hopefully a kitchenaid will make it a little easier!

  • I was just trying to work out if I could copy yr picture and the link to my FB page and ask my friends to vote also - I'm not great at this sort of stuff but wld be willing to give it a go! You need to get into the 200 odd mark as there is a teddy bear cake with around 200/204 votes that u need to beat from what I can see. I love decorating cakes it takes me out of myself and for awhile I forget everything! Xxx any ideas on that let me know, I may wait till my kids get home as they are better at the whole technology thing then I am! Xx

  • yeah, I know what you mean. I'm exhausted afterwards but while I'm doing it I just feel so much better about life and everything!

    You can share it to your FB wall. When you have my entry open, just click share and it'll put a link right on your wall (and you can write a comment with it).

    Or, if you want to do it by yourself you can right click and save the image I've upload on this blog at the top and upload it to your fb with the link tinyurl.com/michellecake for people to vote

    thank you!

  • I have managed to do it and I think I was 134 so a couple extra already. If u let me know when comp ends I will keep reposting until then xx

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