Aytypical Pneumonia (aka Walking Pneumonia)

Just posting this as a cautionary tale really. I was taken into hospital last night with very rapid onset of chest pain, of the stabbing variety.

I had been totally fine, aside a little wheezy after a cold two weeks ago. As I have APS, my GP was taking no chances and sent me in. I had a chest x-ray, and yes I have pneumonia, am now on antibiotics and some strong analgesia. D-Dimer thankfully was negative, so no PE.

The doctor who took care of me last night was fabulous, and said that chest pain should never be ignored, so even if you get a little niggle, that you cannot explain, please get yourself checked out.

I am now being referred on to the Respiratory Team because I have had two previous bouts of pleurisy in 6 months prior to last night's event.

I am incredibly tired, and am going home later today hopefully.

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Hope you got home yesterday Karen...and thanks for your post.

I've been wondering about this version of pneumonia for some time, so am especially grateful for your advice, link & description. my breathing gear is extra vulnerable, but I'm getting older (60+ now) and, partly out of sheer exhaustion & boredom with this medical saga of a life, i find it's become increasingly easy to discount a certain degree of symptoms...especially as I've spent a lifetime toughing out severe levels of pain all over my bod...and sometimes it's really hard to ask for help when I really should...and also really hard to ask for diagnostic tests when I suspect a Dr's clinical examination may not be correctly identifying the underlying cause of my symptoms. So am v grateful to you

Hope you're feeling as if things are responding to treatment

Take care



Hi Karen,

Sorry to hear you have been in hospital with Pneumonia!! Your GP is absolutely right, NO chest pain should be ignored, always get them checked out, even if they turn out to be nothing. Unfortunately in your case, the symptoms you suffered were diagnosed as Pneumonia, probably almost immediately!!

I am relatively new to this Site as recently diagnosed with Lupus, after my last bout of Pneumonia!

The first occasion I had Pneumonia, unfortunately was very severe, in 2012. Like yourself, I had sudden onset of extremely painful stabbing pain in centre of my chest. I was just recovering from Lung Infection & Pleurisy!

I collapsed @ home after sudden onset of severe chest pain and had problems breathing! My husband called 999, the 1st Response Paramedic arrived (thankfully) before the Ambulance. I was rushed into hospital, as by now I had lost conciousness, lips, tongue, finger-tips had turned blue and I could barely breathe, the pain was horrendous!

They too me straight into Resuscitation and my condition deteriorated rapidly! My blood gases were dangerously low (straight on Oxygen), problems breathing, dangerously low BP. By now I could hardly breathe, the staff were extremely concerned as all of my "sats", blood gases ect. were cause for concern! I kept drifting in and out of conciousness, the pain was unbearable even after Morphine!

Consultant sent for a Portable X-ray & Bloods sent of as sense of urgency. Which confirmed Pneumonia, in a very severe form!

I was too ill @ the time to be moved to Intensive Care, they sent for Anaesthetist. who had to incubate me to Life-support Machine and stabilise my condition, before they could move me to Intensive Care! Where I suffered Respiratory Failure, Organ Failure, Sepsis, Septicaemia ect. I was extremely ill, the Doctors, Anaesthetist advised my husband to call for my 3 sons as my condition was Life threatening! The Consultant spoke to my husband, as they did"nt expect me to survive the night! (I was almost 51 @ the time!).

I was on a Ventilator, the staff in ICU were absolutely wonderful! Both the Consultant and Anaesthetist were amazed that I actually pulled through, as blood gases/BP kept dropping rapidly! They called me their "Miracle Patient!"

I spent over a month in hospital, the last 2 weeks on the Ward, being treated with strong IV Antibiotics, that is where they found I had Septicaemia, in addition to chronic Pneumonia ect!

It was touch and go a few times in ICU, I feel it was worse for my loving family, than myself as I was on Life-support, don"t remember much about my stay in ICU apart from the unbearable stabbing pain, severe pain in lung and horrendous continual cough! Not even Morphine and Oral Morphine would help the pain!! I was hooked up to all types of Machines, Oxygen 24/7!

I spent my 51st Birthday on Ward, missed our youngest son"s Graduation Day from University! It was horrendous time in my life! I will never forget that tremendous pain, when I tried to breathe, coughing made pain worse! I also became extremely "confused!", knitting an invisible jumper, reading invisible newspaper! I did"nt even know my own children @ one point! I also had a collapsed Lung!

I was discharged home just after a month to recuperate! Consultant told me it would take @ least 6 months or more before I started to Recover!

In 2014 (last year) exactly same thing happened again! Lung Infection/Pleurisy! Out of no where, sudden on-set of severe chest pain, unable to breathe ect. Rushed in again 999 call via Ambulance! I saw a different Consultant who when he took my Medical History became suspicious as had Pneumonia, Septicaemia, ect. He spoke to an Immunologist in the University Hosp, who advised him to send a Batch of my Bloods down to him for analysis. Again I was extremely poorly, spent a further month in hospital!

It was only when I saw the Immunologist, who told me my Bloods showed Levels that I was sceptical to having a further bout of Pneumonia repeated!!! He advised me to have the Pneumovax II Vaccination to try and prevent Pneumonia coming back again! Also did another batch of Bloods. I had the Pneumovax II immediately, as I was petrified of having Pneumonia again?! My GP administered it for me. Also I have to have the Pneumovax every 3-5 years to keep my levels up to try & prevent the Pneumonia returning!

I suffer with Anxiety, for a while, every chest pain I had, I was petrified of it coming back as I would"nt wish to go through that experience EVER again?!!

Cut a very long story short (apologies for such a long reply!) I was diagnosed with positive bloods for Lupus March this year, after series of separate blood Tests! I see him again next month as regarding treatment for Lupus!

I apologise for lengthy reply! I sincerely hope you are recovering from your recent bout of Pneumonia and hope you feel better very soon! The reason I went into so much detail was I was concerned for you, if you have been offered the Pneumovax Vaccine? If not perhaps it is worth asking whoever you are under the care of for your Lupus, as there are so many different strains of Pneumonia?

I wish you well for a speedy recovery? In my thoughts and prayers.

Take care of yourself

Sending positive, healing, comforting vibes your way :)

Best wishes XX :)


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