Posted once before and Clutter was very helpful.

Diagnosed in Romania with Hashimoto's(FT3 4.63(3.4-6.8),FT4 17.84(10.6-22.7),TSH 3.53(0.27-4.2) and anti tiroglobulina 494(<115).

Went to see my Gp yesterday,showed her the results and surprise surprise:her own words were that as long as FT3,FT4 and TSH are in range ,I don't have any problem and she cannot give me any treatment or send me to a specialist.

Endocrinologist in Romania told me to start with 25 g Eutyrox and have the blood test done again in 3 month.

I read so much on this blog that I'm not so sure what to do anymore.

Some people are even saying that they curd themselves of this even if the doctor told me that there is no cure.

Should I try Armour instead of Euthyrox,morning,evening(some are saying it's better to take it in the evening bscore bed because it doesn't interfere with other supplements I'm taking).

The Gp says that this values do not stop me for having a pregnancy.

Help me please,I'm very confused.



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Hi Culm_alina,

Have you posted this question on Thyroid UK 's community too? I believe that Clutter is an Administrator for Thyroid UK who i am sure will be more than happy to assist you.

Best wishes,




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