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At Long last someone listing to me !!!

Hi just an update i asked to have all my care moved to cambridge as my local hospital is dreadful, i got my wish and i am so pleased so far that after 24 years on warfarin with INR all over the place anything from 1.2 / 21.7 a lovely consultant said it was worth me trying rivaroxaban 20mg daily with no more blood test, He stressed he could not guarantee that i would not get anymore PEs or clots but i was still getting them on warfarin so i said lets try it , My only concern was it cant be tested , so the side affects i was told would be nose bleeds or blood in urine so will just hope that i will be okay time will tell he said i would no within 5 weeks. He is seeing me in 4 weeks time to see how things are fingers crossed i can say goodbye to all the blood test weekly i have been having and goodbye to power port as this keeps getting blocked and infected..

Just thought i would keep you posted. x

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Hi RLupus

Congrats. What a change for you! The relief! You must have face ache with smiling all day. Well done for being assertive and getting the move!

We have to celebrate our small victories as our road is never smooth going all the time.

Thanks for telling us, you have cheered me too!

Keep on keeping on.

Best wishes⚽️


Thank you for your reply .

Glad i cheered you up too x


HOORAY! I'm with footy! 👏🏻👍🏻🎉💥💃


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