Viral meningitis and Lumbar Punch?

Hi hope everyone is ok,I have a question for any ladies or gents who have had viral meningitis and a lumbar punch.

I was admitted to hospital 2weeks ago,spent 10 days there with viral meningitis.How long did it take for the headache to go and also for you to start feeling a bit more like yourself?

I had to have two lumbar punches done,as the first one went wrong and caused a lot of pain.Was taken to theatre for the second,didn't feel a thing.My back still feels sore and getting pain deep in my back.There is no sign of infection like redness or swelling.

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  • Hi, my daughter had viral meningitis and like you had 2 painful attempts at lumbar puncture made on her. The headaches lasted on and off for 2 months afterwards, and about 3 days after she was discharged she was admitted again as the lumbar puncture had caused an infection. It was all very distressing and to be honest it took her a good year to get back to full health and she doesn't have Lupus! Off course 2 weeks after she came home the second time I took a really bad flare up, I hadn't realised just how much stress I was under. If your back pain doesn't subside soon you should definitely mention it to your GP.

  • Thank you for your reply,I did mention to my GP a few days after I left hospital but he said he couldn't see anything there.The hospital also checked it before I left,they said there was no sign of infection.

    The hospital did want me to stay longer because my white cell count was rising daily,but I had enough after 10 days.Plus all they were doing was giving me morphine and paracetamol,which I already take at home anyway.

    I had a repeat blood test done on Friday,just got to wait for results now to see what levels come back as.

    Sorry your daughter had such a horrible time

  • I had viral meningitis 3 years ago, like you difficult lps and I discharged myself after a week! It took about 4 weeks for the headache to go, back pain lasted about 6 weeks. But the meningitis itself, I'd say 6 months before the fatigue, wobbliness and nausea settled back to normal lupus levels. There is a charity called the meningitis trust that has useful online info if you are worried.

  • Very much feeling for you & wishing you all the best. I'm seeing Immunology at the moment & the consultant seems concerned about me & viral meningitis....your post & these replies are helping me a lot to get my head around this. Take care XO

  • I had back pain for more than a year after a lumbar puncture and like you, there was no infection etc. It is caused by the the needle itself, apparently there is a lot of research at the moment as to the best needle profile that reduces this after effect.

    I kept hot water bottle on the area all that time and slowly everything got back to normal.

  • Thank you for all the replies,I guesse it's just a case of time then.

    Barnclown I wish you all the best xx

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