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Hi all, a few months ago I had a rash that came up on my legs and apart from feeling a bit tired I felt fine otherwise. I went to my GP who did various blood tests, everything was normal apart from raised ANA. She then decided to test me for anti ds DNA to rule out lupus. However it came back postive at 123, whatever that means. I've since read up on lupus and it seems I have been having some of the symptoms for quite sometime such as photosensitivty for 10years (I thought I was just allergic to suncream!) back ache, hip pain, poor memory, terrible circulation with extremely cold hands and feet and knees which are permanently purple. I've been referred to a rheumatologist. Is this a high reading? Is it likely that I do have lupus even though overall I feel generally ok in myself? Could it be something else? Sorry for all the questions, it's hard when you've got to wait for an appointment not knowing if there's something wrong with me. Thanks for any help.

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Hi Boojii. The anti dsDNA test is pretty specific for lupus. Not everyone with lupus has this antibody, but healthy people normally do not have it. This web site describes various blood tests for lupus including anti-dsDNA:

Lupus symptoms can fluctuate, so although you may feel ok now, your rheumatologist will consider your history of symptoms (along with blood test results) rather than how you feel at the moment to make a diagnosis.


Hi Booji, don't apologise for all the questions that is exactly what this site is for and hopefully it will prove to be of great benefit to you. It certainly does look like you have lupus and as babe76 says things will become clearer when you see a rheumatologist. It's great you are doing ok at the minute and hopefully with the proper treatment and care that will continue.


Thank you for your replies Bronagh2015 and Bebe76. I only have one more week to wait until I see the consultant so hopefully things will be clarified then. If I do have it then I do feel lucky that the symptoms are fairly mild as reading what other people are going through and I really feel for them. Fingers crossed the symptoms don't get any worse. Do either of you have any idea what the reference values are for DS DNA at all? I can't find them on the internet.

Thanks again for your help!


Hi Boojii,

Would you like me to send you one of our free information packs about lupus? It will give you a bit more knowledge about the condition and how it is diagnosed. If you would like one, just send me a private message or email with your name and address.


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