Anti DS-DNA Binding Level 2

Hi everyone,

I'm really confused!

I'm being screened for SLE by my GP. My bloods have come back weakly positive ANA, ENA positive( apparently this was done off the back of the ANA, and it doesn't seem to specify the antibodies normally included in that panel) and this baffling statement about binding levels.

Does anyone have a clue what this means?

I'm of a mind to believe that its negative at the moment, but I have been referred by my doctor to a Rheumatologist for the avoidance of doubt.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

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Hi BettieJ,

I'm afraid I have not heard any reference to a binding level of anti-dsDNA antibodies before and I cannot find any relevant information in the books we have access to. Does your GP know?

Do you have an appointment through to see a rheumatologist yet?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for trying to answer my query.

I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist next month, so I hope they'll be able to give me an answer then.

My GP is lovely, but about as useful as a chocolate teapot when it comes to explanation, and getting an actual face to face appointment is harder than arranging an audience with the Pope,so I'll have to put up with the mystery until the next round of blood and urine tests(ASMA/lipids/ACR ratio)

Thanks once again,



Sorry I can't help more. Please let us know what your rheumatologist says when you see them.

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Hi all,

Just a quick update.

I paid my first visit to a Rheumatologist today, who was less than impressed with my symptoms and my blood test results ( despite the fact that they were all positive, albeit at a low level) She chose to ignore my complaints of migraine, allergies and a facial rash, put the fatigue from which I suffer down to an underactive thyroid ( I do have an underactive thyroid, btw ,and it is ridiculously out of control because my GP is as useful as a chocolate teapot, and I am tired of reminding her to book blood tests and titrate my dose of levothyroxine, so I will accede this, though I am convinced its not the whole picture) and was basically of a mind set of 'don't call us, we'll call you ( if EVER)'

To be fair, she did reorder all previous blood and urine tests, as well as some x rays of my hips and knees ( which give me the most discomfort), and while she may in all honesty be right, I felt as if I were a nuisance to be swept under the carpet. I don't suppose I could ask for anything fairer in this regard, but I am confused, for a number of reasons:

-If only a very few people have dsdna antibodies ( and mine are within a normal range) can they simply be dismissed as 'just one of those things'?

- My ENA panel was positive, but no one seems to know what antibody I tested positive for. Would this be Thyroid Antibodies, or something else?

Anyway ,just for the avoidance of doubt, a binding level of 2, is, apparently, entirely normal.

Feeling a bit confused and disheartened,

Bette :(


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