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What is my condition

Hi unlike the stories I've read here I have not been diagnosed with anything as yet. I have been going to my doctor about my problem for about five years or more i have redness on my face neck arms and legs .am very hot at times with this cannot be outside in heat too long either or when I am cooking this heat brings the redness out too and I have to get somewhere to cool down I've had no response to this from my doctors except one doctor told me it would not be as bad in winter I'm at my wits end do not know what to do next. Can anyone out there give me any suggestions as to what I can or need to do next or indeed what I could be suffering from. Thank u in advance

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Unfortunately there could be a million reasons why this is happening. Presumably you have had blood tests? This would be the first step, if these are normal you could ask to see a skin specialist who may be able to help. Rheumatologist is for joint pain arthritis and auto immune. Hope you find the answers you're looking for. X


Thank u for yr reply and no blood tests have been done but I've booked an app to do so


Hi, this is what my redness on my face and chest and arms was like, I would also be affected when driving and the sun coming through the car (now looking to pay to have my windows tinted ) one day my face was so red and sore and swollen the Dr took me serious , I couldn't even open my eyes, I had ulcers in my nose. This is when I was sent to the dermatologist but by the time is saw her my face was back to what I call normal . They have now taken a skin biopsy and because I do have bad joint pain and other symptoms they have now sent me to the rheumatologist who I'm waiting for results back.

Keep out of the sun , factor 50+ on your face and chest and ask the Dr to send you to a dermatologist .

Good luck



Thank u so much for yr comments sammij. I too have scabby sores in my nose and yes my face swells up too I put the nose thing done to sinus as I suffer from this quite frequently and never put the two together when I came home from Spain last year my lower legs feet and ankles were very swollen again ankles and feet always swollen but the legs were very red. Went to doc on my return told cellulitis was possible and given stockings to were all day and oil based cream but still swollen but not as red!¡!! Again thank u will go to docs again more positive this time


Hi Christine29j. diagnosis can take a long time,because lupus or what ever problem you have mimics so many skin problems.I was covered from head to foot in very large blisters for over 2 months.eventually my GP sent me to a dermatologist. Put on steroids and Quinoric and biopsies taken.that was in Oct 2013.My diagnosis is Sub Accute lupus Erythematosis an autoimmune disease. Fatigue,joint pains,nose mouth ulcers,skin irritation,reynauds disease.I do go into remission but in a flare have to give in to it.I am now 77.

Good luck. There is light at the end of the tunnel !

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Hi meggie83,thank u so much for yr reply, yes I know it takes time and I've had several medications over the years(5)since this problem started actually with sore red itchiness arould the top of my ankles an at the time I worked in a chiller no explanation from the doc and that was10yrs ago but thank you for yr encouraging reply


Hi, Im sorry to hear that you are not being taken seriously unfortunately we hear it all too often. I used to get very hot my temperature ran at 104c permanently. I felt awful and the doctors didnt know what to do. In the end a lady doctor told me it would be better if I went on HRT. Though I would never have a menapause ea hysterectomy at 28,she said it would control my temperature. It did for 10 years. Unfortunately, no one tested me for APS and SLE. When I eventually got to see a Rheumatologist he had a fit and said that HRT would kill me. I suffered with antiphospholipid syndrome which means my blood is clotting.

I would suggest you get your doctors to check your blood for this just to make sure you dont have it.

Best of luck and atleast it will be a start.

Regards Diane


Hi Diane thank u for replying, about the heat thing yes I went thru the menopause in my late 30s following my mum. Had a hystarectomy at 45 and hrt implants thereafter and for the first time I was very healthy no problems at all. Have been told last year that this heat could be menapause related I said to the doctor u can't be serious and his reply was it could outlast u but I don't believe that for one minute because this has really got me feeling very low at times not knowing what to do but thanks to all of u who replied to my question I am feeling a lot more positive and will take all of yr suggestions with me to see the doctor yet again but I will be wanting some answers once again thank u , regards Christine x


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