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Hi all,going to see cab today to try appeal my pip claim,I work but still want to,if I awarded pip,I reduce hours,but how can I possibly score points,when I can wash myself and cook,but there are days am in bed and exhausted,also does anyone get constant sinus infections,ent said ops no working because of imune system,can lupus cause sinus infections,I feel they missing something,can't put up with this.

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I used to get sinus infections quite a lot with swolen face sore teeth etc bacterial infections need anti biotic

The pip appeal you will need to point out that you struggle to cook etc and leaves you sevierely fatigued can you walk over 50 metres with no difficulty or do you stop for a rest when shopping do you have to use the trolley to support yourself

Good luck with your appeal g


Remember the mantra safely, reliably, repeatedly and in a reasonable manner.

Are you at risk of harm if you do it (severe pain or exhaustion counts as harm) if yes then you can't do it.

Can you do it more than 50% of the time, if not then you can't do it.

Can you do it as many times a day as you need to? If not then you can't do it (e.g. I can make myself a sandwich at lunchtime but I can't make food again in the evening or I can walk 20m but I can only class it once a day).

How long does it take you, if it's more than 50% longer than they would expect a non-disabled person to do it then you can't do it.

Explain everything in full, never answer with a straight yes unless you have no problems with that activity at all. If you can do it but use an aid or if you need someone's help them make sure to say that as in PIP you get points for needing an aid/ help if you can do something.

It might be useful for you to write a list of all the aids you have.


I saw a brilliant reply to someone else about pip which I have copied below in my last reply!



Look at the Benifts and Work website, it does cost a little, but the guides are brilliant. Used it for my last DLA claim straight through no medical

Hope this helps


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