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Rheumy appointment

Had my appointment on monday last week. My Lupus active and iron elevated ++. Am still struggling with headaches but hope they will soon be better! Still tapering on my steroids and this week am on 15mg. I want to be on the lowest dose as I don't like the side effects of steroids... especially weight gain.... which I have gained since february. I have put on 1.5stone and am trying to shed it off!! Keep on keeping on Lupies! x

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I ve had serious headaches since last week. It hurts more behind my head. my gp cld not do much for me. he said i shld try and sleep more. Am not too good at the moment but i pray things get better 4 u. Take care and God bless




Just like me. The headaches are at the back of the head. My rheumy increased my steroids to help with the pain but it has been a struggle. I hope you get better soon. Take care x


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